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A country seven years and eight months behind the world, with 13 months in a year

The continent of Africa is understood because the land of mystery and mystery. Today, because the world progresses, there are parts of Africa that are still living like Stone Age humans. Their culture, customs and traditions are so important to them that they can not even imagine leaving them.

A year of thirteen months
Ethiopia may be a country on the continent of Africa whose year is thirteen months rather than twelve months. thanks to this, this country of the planet is seven years and eight months behind the planet calendar.

In the fifth century, the Catholic Church made some changes within the birth figures of Jesus, but the Ethiopian Orthodox didn’t accept this alteration , which led to a change in their view of the start of the church year . Done-

That is why in Ethiopia the Christian New Year begins on 9/11 and in intercalary year on September 12 – additionally , the primary 12 months of the Ethiopian year have 30 days, but the last month of the year is 5 to six . It happens during the day.

In the world, the intercalary year usually increases by just one day, while in Ethiopia, the intercalary year increases by 5 to six days a month. it has been seven years and eight months since then.

In addition, in Ethiopia, where their calendar is different from the remainder of the planet , their clocks also are different. The night varies.

This is the story of 1 country within the mysterious land of Africa. The land of Africa is filled with such mysterious stories.

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