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July 23, 2021


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Afghan army prepares to retake control of trade routes from the Taliban

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Afghan security agencies are preparing to retake control of a key trade corridor with Iran from the Taliban.

According to the French press agency AFP, the governor of the western Afghan province of Herat, Jilani Farhad, said on Saturday that “more troops are deployed to regain control of Islam Qala, the most trade route with Iran. Will reach.

On Friday, Taliban fighters seized Islam Qala, a neighborhood in Herat province bordering Iran, and therefore the Tor Ghandi corridor with Turkmenistan. Islam Qala is that the largest trade route between Afghanistan and Iran.

The Taliban claim control of 85 percent of Afghanistan, controlling 250 of the 400 districts. However, the Afghan government disagrees with the Taliban’s claim.
Ismail Khan, a Tajik commander from Herat, has assured the Afghan army of support.

In 2001, Ismail Khan’s fighters joined forces with the US military to overthrow the Taliban government.

Ismail Khan said that “they are going to be present on the spot soon and therefore the situation will change.”

Commander Ismail Khan has deployed his fighters in Herat city and is additionally guarding the entrances of the town .

With the rapid withdrawal folks troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s operations have intensified. consistent with the Taliban, “they have taken control of two trade routes in western Afghanistan, from the border with Iran to the border with China.”
Tajik commander Ismail Khan deploys fighters in Herat to fight Taliban (Photo: AFP)

In addition, China has criticized the hasty withdrawal folks troops, withdrawing 210 of its citizens from Afghanistan, while others are thanks to leave as soon as possible.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, “it has been decided to evacuate civilians in Afghanistan under a posh and difficult security situation.”

“Fighting between the Taliban and therefore the Afghan army is now moving closer to the cities,” said a government official at a hospital in Kandahar Province.

“Dozens of injured people are delivered to the hospital within the last 24 hours, including 15 military personnel,” the official said.
Herat-based Tajik commander Ismail Khan assures Afghan army of support.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden reiterated that the US mission in Afghanistan would endways August 31. At an equivalent time, the US president acknowledged that “from the capital Kabul to the entire country.” It doesn’t seem to be possible to regulate .

President Joe Biden has said he won’t send another generation of usa citizens to fight in Afghanistan.

“The Afghan people will decide their own future,” Biden said.
On Saturday, the Taliban claimed control of a neighborhood in Kabul’s neighboring Laghman province.

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