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‘America is far away’ How are Afghans remembering 9/11?

When the hijacked plane crashed into the planet Trade Center within the us , it caused a tragedy for Afghans within the days to return .
Ahmed Shah Massoud was assassinated by al-Qaeda militants two days ago, consistent with the French press agency AFP.

Ahmad Shah Massoud was a logo of resistance in Afghanistan, pushing the Soviet army and therefore the Taliban back from his hometown of Panjshir.

When Afghans were shocked by the news of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s death, events were happening within the us that might dramatically change the longer term of their country.
“I heard the news tonight that there was talk about an attack within the us ,” said Abdul Rehman, a former government employee.

I didn’t care because there was always talk about attacks and war on the radio,” he said.
In the days to return when Afghans learned that al-Qaeda, which was hiding in their country, was the mastermind of the attacks within the us and was accused of harboring them by their Taliban rulers.
Most Afghans also felt that their world was close to change.

“I didn’t think the us would invade Afghanistan in retaliation, i assumed the us was distant ,” Rehman said.

Abdul Samad, a librarian in Kandahar, remembers that folks had gathered at a newspaper stand and therefore the pages of the newspaper were filled with pictures of the attacks on the dual towers.

More than 2,606 killed in attack on World Trade Center

He said it had been two days after the incident and therefore the beginning of an “unacceptable occupation”. “They had an excuse to return to Afghanistan. There was an excuse to occupy this land. “

When the Taliban refused handy over al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden , the us occupied Afghanistan and overthrew the hardline government.
“Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran were hopeful of returning to the country, but the Americans came here and tousled ,” said Qiamuddin, a Kandahar locksmith.

Noorullah, a teacher, remembers the news of the attack on the dual Towers within the us , which he saw on a TV within the basement of a relative’s house.

Ahmed Shah Massoud was killed by al-Qaeda in an interview before 9/11

The Taliban banned TV during its first term, declaring it un-Islamic.

“The attack looked terrible and therefore the World Trade Center were repeatedly shown.”
“People were happy when the Taliban left, they might a minimum of breathe a sigh of relief,”
he said.
However, as time went on, they began to believe that the us was within the wrong place. This place was a trap for them. And twenty years later … i used to be right. “
“The Taliban are back. an equivalent people, an equivalent faces and therefore the same attitude are back.

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