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July 23, 2021


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American scary face Explain

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Joe Biden

Someone asks the us why it travels thousands of miles across body of water , sometimes to the center East, sometimes to the Gulf states, sometimes to South Asia and Central Asia, with troops and equipment. the solution is that it involves sell death and buy life. Expansion is additionally a component of criminal business, abuse of power, and non secular fanaticism. If the us loved humanity and peace, if it hated poverty, ignorance, and poverty, it might be a paradise. to realize these goals, we’ve to fight wars, fires, and bloodbaths. there’s no need for ammunition, just live and let live. Adherence to the very best principles of man and humanity.

On the idea of equality of strength and weakness, respect for race and religion, mutual respect. Recognizing the liberty of a nation and therefore the sanctity of its borders are basic conditions. it’s vital to not interfere, but the customer of death and therefore the buyer of life is that the so-called claimant of peace and tranquility who has built long and large protective walls and walls around his country.

The people living in it also are visible and conversant in humanity, they’re also free and that they also are safe from the poison of ammunition. Poor people and countries are going to be ready to infiltrate the borders of the poor thanks to hunger, poverty and disease.

Bloody eagles will bite the corpses of hungry citizenry in ammunition. The eagles are able to hunt and hunt within the tortured citizenry with their own hands.

These terrorist eagles haven’t any rules of their own and have always struggled in search of prey. France and therefore the us signed a tripartite agreement guaranteeing the safety of all Middle Eastern borders on the condition that neither side commits aggression. Where is that the West out of greed?

Six years have passed since that agreement. That Britain and France attacked the canal may be a different story. The three main interests of the us and its current allies are at stake. the primary is to seize the resources of the Gulf countries, which meet 60 percent of the world’s oil needs, and establish a monopoly within the region.

(The Soviet Union has also been involved during this race.) additionally to providing guarantees, it seeks to strengthen its independence and existence in order that Arab countries are disturbed by Israel’s fears and US policies still be imposed on Arabs under its guise.

within the name of so-called friendship, the us has established a monopoly on their economies, economics and defense, assuring the protection of the values of other sovereign and sovereign states and overcoming Israeli fears.

On the one hand, these countries need to bear the value folks troops and military equipment, and on the opposite hand, the presence folks troops in these states may be a source of security and safety for Israel.

After the revolution in Iran, the us lost one among its trustees. thanks to this alteration , the us created a rapid-moving army whose purpose was to guard its interests within the Gulf and therefore the world through force. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon were free from American domination but under Soviet influence.

The US took advantage of this because Iran had fierce and long-running differences and disputes over border and other issues in Iraq.

The US wanted to use this to confront the 2 to thwart the Iranian revolution and it succeeded in its goal. The 8-year Iraq-Iran war inflicted heavy casualties on both countries.

Other countries, including the us , which owns arms factories, sold 83 billion worth of weapons to the 2 countries.

Iran also saw the top of Saddam Hussein’s rule out the shape of border disputes and other disputes. The war was set in motion.

The Gulf states were signaled non-cooperation. Islamic countries outside the Gulf were invited to require part within the war or remain neutral.

The rehearsal began. The Gulf states were ordered to shop for arms within the name of their own security.

As a results of the Gulf War, the US defense industry received about 21 210 billion from the Gulf states alone, with Saudi Arabia buying about ً 60 billion from the us .

The US embassy in Israel had teased Iraq and intensified its atrocities against the Palestinians. apart from the 2 countries, all the Gulf states were on the side of the US against Iraq.

The movement of yank emissaries had gained momentum.

American intelligence agencies and agencies had succeeded in awakening the dormant strife of sectarian provincialism, linguistics and regionalism. And by ending sectarian and provincial strife, an Iraqi nationalist nation has been created.

Iraq was invaded with all its might and power, and therefore the whole of Iraq was engulfed in blood and fire. Thousands of Iraqis, old and young, young and old, women and youngsters were brutally martyred, holy places were targeted. I saw the funerals of the Muslims in Abu Ghraib Jail.

Iraqi sectarianism clashed over provincialism and regionalism. The Iraqi people couldn’t maintain unity and Iraqi forces betrayed Hussein .

Hussein was hanged after the us crushed him. Three decades later, the elected government in Egypt, as soon because it realized its sovereignty, immediately overthrew it and brought its representatives to the fore.

it’s also reaching an understanding with the us and therefore the West on its nuclear program. the facility of the kings and rulers of the Gulf states isn’t threatened as long as they’re loyal to the us and therefore the West. what’s the last word goal of the us and its allies?

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