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Amnesty International seeks to extend UNAMA’s mission in Afghanistan

Amnesty International has called on the United Nations Security Council to increase UNAMA’s mandate in Afghanistan and to permit it to watch things and supply reports on human rights.

UNAMA has been monitoring the human rights situation in Afghanistan for five years and reporting to the United Nations and therefore the international community.

UNAMA’s mission in Afghanistan expires during a few days, on September 6, and therefore the UN Security Council is about to vote on whether to increase UNAMA’s mission in Afghanistan. .

Lawrence Moss, Amnesty International’s senior lawyer at the United Nations , said: “The Taliban regime poses a significant threat to vulnerable groups, especially journalists, ethnic minorities, women, children and people who are suffering from the previous government and He has worked with international countries. ”

He said UN human rights monitors should be in Afghanistan in such a dangerous situation.

She said UNAMA should report back to the safety Council a minimum of once a month on the human rights situation in Afghanistan which the United Nations should provide UNAMA with the resources and resources to try to to so.

The United Nations has left its political and humanitarian staff in Afghanistan but has no human rights observers.

The UN Security Council during a resolution on Transfiguration called on the Taliban to ensure human rights, including the rights of girls , children and minorities, and to abide by the rule of law.

He also called on the Taliban to permit Afghans to travel abroad and to respect international humanitarian law while protecting civilians.

This is despite reports from Afghanistan, particularly from Panjshir province, that the Taliban have killed civilians there.

Amnesty International says some sources have told it that the Taliban won’t allow food and other necessities into Panjshir.

Amnesty International has also called on the United Nations to launch a fact-finding mission in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has said it’s issued a “general amnesty” to its opponents and has no plans to retaliate.

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