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Biden supports a nationwide investigation into the drone strike in Kabul

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US President Joe Biden has backed a nationwide investigation into an attack that killed civilians in Kabul.

White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie said Monday morning that President Biden had been notified of the attack and involved immediate action.

Ms Saki said the attack was a mistake: “The loss of any civilian life could also be a tragedy.”

Ms Saki was asked whether those involved within the attack would be punished or reprimanded after the investigation, saying it had been important to know when and under what circumstances the attack happened .

A few days ago, Amnesty International said that admitting a “mistake” within the US airstrike in Kabul was a primary step which further investigations were needed.

US officials say they didn’t kill ISIS fighters in an airstrike in Kabul, but “killed civilians” which it had been a tragic incident.

The us must decide to a transparent and impartial investigation into this incident. Anyone who has committed a criminal offense must be delivered to justice,” said Brian Kastner, Amnesty International’s senior adviser.

He said during a press release that the families of the victims should tend information about the investigation, also as adequate compensation.

The remarks follow remarks by General Frank McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command. He called the Kabul airstrike “a tragic mistake.”

“I now acknowledge that unfortunately ten civilians, including seven children, were killed within the attack,” McKenzie said. “Our assessment also shows that the car and thus the dead weren’t affiliated with the ISIS Khurasan group and didn’t pose an instantaneous threat to US forces.”

Gen. McKenzie apologized for the error and said the us was considering paying compensation to the victims’ families.

Kabul Airport opened for domestic and international flights

The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) says that Kabul Airport has been reopened for domestic and international flights. This was announced by the V&A Ashna branch on Monday.

Ghulam Jilani Wafa, head of the agency’s norms and standards, told VOA on Monday that every one preparations are made for international flights at the airport.

“Kabul airport is ready for domestic and international flights … Some international projects from Islamabad, Tehran, Ukraine, Doha and Qatar, which give humanitarian aid, are launched,” he said.

Mr Wafa said Iran’s Mahan, Pakistan’s PIA and Afghanistan’s Kam Air had started transporting passengers from Kabul airport.

He added that he had also sent official letters to the region and neighboring countries to resume their flights.

Biden called for a partnership to address global issues

He added that Qatar was assisting in “air traffic and control” which the United Arab Emirates was responsible for providing airfield terminals and equipment.

US President Joe Biden will address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, during which he’s expected to ask world leaders to accentuate efforts to tackle the worldwide Corona epidemic, tackle global global climate change and humanitarian aid. we’ll involve an end to human rights abuses.

President Biden will present the expected global partnership case against these issues at a time when US allies are examining the extent to which US policy has changed compared thereto of former President Donald Trump.

President Biden will spend limited time at the UN General Assembly this year amid concerns about the corona virus.

He is meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday. While in ny , he will meet with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, while his other diplomatic engagements are getting to be online from Washington.

On Wednesday, Biden will host a conference on Code Nineteen, during which he’s expected to urge world leaders to deliver on their promises to distribute vaccines against the disease, address oxygen shortages and make the earth a much better place. plan to affect the problems caused by the epidemic.

On Tuesday, President Biden will meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House. On Friday, he also invited Australian Prime Minister Morrison, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida Saga to hitch the four-nation group quad.

According to the Associated Press, US allies want to know whether President Biden has changed his policy against the previous President Trump along the lines he promised.

Speaking on the sidelines of the diplomacy meeting, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield said, “We understand that our priorities aren’t just US priorities, but global priorities.”

But over the past several months, President Biden has also faced differences with some allies over key issues.

There has been a strong reaction from France to the supply of nuclear-powered submarines to Australia by the us and Britain.

President Biden began his presidency by announcing that “the us is back” which he would pursue greater international cooperation on issues.

At the same time, President Biden has sought to align US national security priorities differently from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 20 years and thus the specialize in terrorist threats from the middle East and South Asia.

He stressed that the us and its democratic allies need to pay more attention to the economic and security threats posed by China and Russia.

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