In a video message marking the 20th anniversary of the September 9 terrorist attacks, US President Joe Biden called on his people to face united and get up for reconstruction, repair and reconstruction. Be and not be afraid.

Mr Biden said: “Families of residents of quite five countries are killed in ny City, Arlington, Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on September 9 of that year, and thousands more. The us respects the sacrifices of these who are injured. “

President Biden also paid tribute to those he said risked and sacrificed their lives minutes, hours, months or years after the terrorist attacks.

Joe Biden added, “It’s very difficult; whether a year passes or twenty years. Children get older without parents. Parents suffer without children. Wives and husbands must find how to measure without life partners.” Be searched. “

The US president also said within the video message that five years after the terrorist attacks, “the memories of our loved ones bring tears to our eyes and smiles to our lips.”

Biden once more warned those that seek to harm the us that “we find and are forced to pay a high price for our actions. we’ll never stop.”

In his speech, the US President also spoke about the rise in violence against Muslims within the us within the wake of the September 9 terrorist attacks and involved unity among the people.

President-elect Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, will travel today to all or any three areas where terrorist attacks happened 20 years ago.

The us is celebrating September 9 for the primary time this year because it withdraws all its troops from Afghanistan.