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Central Asian Countries: Do Not Accept Afghan Refugees

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Russia-led peace Treaty Organization (CSTO) says it’ll not accept Afghan refugees.

Its members include Afghanistan’s northern neighbors Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and variety of former Soviet republics.

A statement from the office of the President of Kazakhstan, Qasim Jomrat Tarkayev, said that the President was attending the peace Treaty Organization (CSTO) Summit in Tajikistan on Thursday, September 1. Kazakhstan supports the organization’s joint position on non-acceptance of Afghan refugees and foreign military bases, he said.

Earlier, Uzbekistan said it might provide temporary asylum to Afghan refugees in order that they might move to a 3rd country.

Since the autumn of the Taliban in Afghanistan, tens of thousands of individuals have fled the country in fear of the Taliban.

Earlier, on September 7, Jack’s Prime Minister Andrew Babs said that Afghan refugees had no place within the European Union which the EU should help them stay within the country.

“There is basically no place in Europe for his or her ‘Afghan refugees’,” Mr Babs said after meeting his Austrian and Slovak counterparts.

Many Afghans are forced to escape their country since the Taliban came to power in mid-August.

Since then, the ecu Union has accepted thousands of Afghan refugees, but it’s now worried that many Afghans may move to Europe and neighboring countries like Turkey and therefore the five-year refugee crisis caused by the war in Syria. Was created, to be repeated.

“One way is to speak to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as I did within the past, but i do not think this is often the proper choice,” he said, pertaining to a previous EU agreement with Turkey.

Following the Taliban’s rule out Afghanistan, the us expelled about 3,000 Afghans on an incredible mission within the country’s history.

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