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CIA: Al Qaeda and ISIS supporters try to return to Afghanistan

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, there are growing signs that supporters of al Qaeda and therefore the Islamic State group are turning their attention to the war-torn country.

Preliminary reports released last week indicate that supporters of the 2 “terrorist” groups have an interest in getting to Afghanistan, but a US intelligence official said on Tuesday (September 6th) that one among the groups variety of militants have already begun their journey to Afghanistan.

David Cohen, the CIA’s deputy chief of staff, said outside Washington, D.C., that there have been clear signs that al Qaeda’s movements in Afghanistan had begun and warned that al Qaeda would re-emerge in Afghanistan within a year. But he said the us would closely monitor the network’s operations.

However, US intelligence officials didn’t provide specific details about the al-Qaeda operatives who entered Afghanistan, nor did they specify where they were entering.

On the opposite hand, a video attributed to Aminul Haq has recently been published on social media that he has returned to Nangarhar province. Amin al-Haq is an al-Qaeda operative who fought alongside al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden within the Tora Bora area.

Meanwhile, variety of other intelligence agencies suspect that folks like Saif al-Adl, al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, may return to Afghanistan.

The return of al-Qaeda to Afghanistan is being warned by US intelligence officials, with some analysts warning that Afghanistan could once more become a secure haven for terrorists.

Edmund Fitton Brown, the UN team’s co-ordinator who oversees ISIS, al-Qaeda and therefore the Taliban, said during a discussion on Friday about the return of terrorist groups to Afghanistan that “there is not any doubt” because he said The members of those groups are wanting to return to Afghanistan.

Charles Lister, an analyst at the center East research facility in Washington, D.C., also expressed concern about the increase of al Qaeda and its rival ISIS in Afghanistan.

Intelligence officials have confirmed to VOA that even before the entire withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, foreign militants from the ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist groups were curious about returning to the country.

Some analysts say that with the withdrawal folks troops and their allies from Afghanistan, it’s now harder to watch these extremists.

CIA Deputy Chief of Staff David Cohen acknowledged that he didn’t have the capacity in Afghanistan as he had within the past six months, but stressed that the us and its allies had experience gathering information from Afghanistan.

The intelligence official said the us would receive the maximum amount information as possible without a physical presence in Afghanistan.

Gen. Scott Breyer, director of the U.S. Defense intelligence , said cautious intelligence assessments indicate that it’ll take a year or two for al Qaeda to expand its capabilities in Afghanistan to the purpose where it threatens American soil.

Western counterterrorism officials and aid workers within the region have warned that al-Qaeda may maintain a coffee level of operations in Afghanistan, but ISIS’s Khurasan branch has been a stronghold in neighboring Afghanistan for months. you’re working to create foundations.

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