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July 23, 2021


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Daughter of Afghan envoy kidnapping no proof, Story explained

2 min read

Sensational wind in the story after the grabbing of the Afghan diplomat’s girl by the Islamabad police

A couple of days prior, the little girl of the Afghan represetative to Pakistan was kidnapped by obscure people from Islamabad. What’s more, the Afghan government pulled out the entirety of its staff from Pakistan. After which the worldwide media, particularly the adjoining nations India and Afghanistan, begun purposeful publicity against Pakistan. Indian web-based media clients made a tormented young lady viral by making her the girl of an Afghan envoy, after which a few circles in Pakistan began sharing the photograph, yet a couple of hours after the fact, the purposeful publicity with the photograph was halted by Pakistani security offices. Uncovered He said the image was not of the Afghan diplomat’s girl but rather of a Pakistani Fold Exhaust who had been tormented by her significant other. While Pakistani foundations and government were condemned from Afghanistan and India, Pakistan’s security was likewise censured by certain quarters in Pakistan wherein PML-N President Nawaz Sharif and his girl Maryam Nawaz were available. Both called the episode an administration ineptitude.

Be that as it may, the public authority and security organizations quickly dispatched an examination and the IG Islamabad was entrusted with researching the occurrence, and all parts of the episode were explored with the assistance of Safe City cameras introduced across the city. 700+ long stretches of CCTV film from around 300 cameras were analyzed. After examination, IG Punjab said that the entire episode was pre-arranged and there was no fact in the snatching.

Then again, Pakistani web-based media clients likewise transparently talked about the episode and the little girl of the Afghan diplomat stayed a top pattern on Twitter in which Pakistani activists uncovered Indian purposeful publicity and brought up numerous issues on the occurrence.

A client asked that even in a protected nation like the US, the minister of a nation or his family isn’t permitted to leave without security. Why did the little girl of the Afghan minister take a taxi? Another client composed that Ms’. going in three unique vehicles makes the entire occurrence dubious in light of the fact that she might have utilized the vehicle utilized by the discretionary staff assuming she needed. This entire occurrence has been intended to dishonor Pakistan.

Nonetheless, a private news channel cited official sources as saying that the girl of the Afghan represetative had taken political refuge in Germany and had come from Germany to visit her family.

By: Faisal Farhan
Twitter handle @Farhan_Speaks_


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