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Diagnosis of dog-assisted coronavirus in the United States

Officials say a dog-assisted coronary diagnosis test has begun at Miami International Airport within the us .

Dogs have previously been used to detect drugs and explosives, but this is often often the first time dogs are used to diagnose coronavirus.

Currently at Miami International Airport, two trained dogs, a Belgian sheepdog and a Dutch Shepherd, smell passenger masks to identify symptoms of the coronavirus.

“The epidemic has forced us to need initiatives and find new ways to prevent further spread of the virus,” Miami Mayor Daniella Levin Cava said during a press release .

Airport officials say both dogs are trained at the International University of Florida then far their diagnosis of coronavirus is 7 to eight percent accurate.

If the dog detects a positive case, the authorities quickly examine the person for the coronavirus.

Officials at Miami International Airport say it is the primary airport within the us to use dogs to diagnose corona.

James Logan, a professor at the University of London Medical College, says dogs have previously been used to diagnose malaria around the world.

According to James, dogs recognize not human viruses but human body odors that change after the virus enters the body. He says the dogs can also be used at airports, train stations, hospitals and schools.

Dogs have already been used to diagnose coronavirus in some countries, including Finland and thus the united kingdom .

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