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Four tourists return safely from space: ‘It was a great adventure’

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For the primary time within the history of the planet , four ordinary astronauts have described their journey as ‘tremendous’ and expressed happiness over their safe return to Earth.

Alan Musk, CEO of Tesla Electric Automaker, provided an area capsule to send ordinary passengers into space.

The SpaceX mission, called Inspiration Four, embarked on space on Wednesday, September 15, and returned on Saturday after spending three days there.

Speaking to reporters after the return of the passengers, Todd Leif Erikson, mission director of Inspiration for Venture, said it had been a replacement step within the race to overcome space, consistent with Reuters.

The men, who returned from a successful space trip, shared their impressions on Twitter.

“We love space, but it’s good to be back home,” said Jared Isaac Mann, a tourist.

Hailey Arseno tweeted that the trip was full of fear and gratitude. We completed two missions yesterday. First, the Inspiration for Space mission was a success, and second, we surpassed our goal of raising 200 million dollas for St. Jude.

The trip came after Jared Isaac, a billionaire and CEO of Shifts for Payments, paid millions. However, it isn’t clear what proportion was purchased it.

Accompanying Isaac Mann on the trip is 29-year-old Haley Arseno, an assistant to St. Jude’s therapist. Chris Sambrowski, 42, a knowledge engineer, and Sine Procter, a 51-year-old community educator, scientist and artist, were among those killed.

According to the AP, the four astronauts ended their journey on Saturday and landed safely within the Atlantic near Florida.

His SpaceX capsule parachuted into the ocean just before sunrise, shortly from where he had begun his mission three days earlier.

The SpaceX’s fully automatic Dragon Capsule reached a unprecedented altitude of 585 km after Wednesday’s flight, leaving it 160 km behind the International space station . Passengers aboard the capsule could view the planet through an outsized window.

Sponsor Jared Isaac Mann is an entrepreneur and pilot who aims to spice up 200 million $ for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. He has donated 100 million $ to himself and even drew lots for one of the four seats. He also held a contest for clients in his business Shift for Payments, Ilan Town.

Some of the knowledge during this report is taken from the news agencies ‘Associated Press’ and ‘Reuters’.

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