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George Floyd case: Four police officers deny violating civil rights

Four former cops in Minneapolis, Minnesota, have pleaded acquitted to charges of violating the civil rights of black George Floyd.

George Floyd was killed when he was shot within the face by a policeman after being arrested on May 25, 2020.

Former cops named within the George Floyd case, Derek Shawn, Tao Thao, Alexander Ang and Thomas Lane, were produced before a U.S. magistrate via video conference in Mini Apple.

All four cops under investigation for Floyd’s murder were charged with civil rights violations.

Derek Shawn has been sentenced to 22-and-a-half years in prison for the murder of George Floyd. He appeared in court via video conference from an area during a high-security prison in Minnesota.

Police arrested George Floyd on suspicion of trying to use a counterfeit 20 note at a close-by store.

Massive protests erupt in US and round the world after George Floyd’s death (AFP)

Derek Shawn was convicted of Floyd’s murder earlier this year, while three other former officers are thanks to face trial next advance charges of aiding and abetting the assassination.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Tony Leung will rule on variety of questions within the civil rights case, including Thao, Kyung and Lane’s request to possess their case separated from Derek Shawn’s. Prosecutors are against the request.

George Floyd’s death sparked a wave of protests across the us and round the world, with protesters calling for police reform and an end to alleged abuse of police power against minorities.

A lot of of George Floyd’s videos went viral, made by passersby from their mobile phones.

The videos show Derek Shawn dropping George Floyd to the bottom and Floyd saying he can’t breathe. In Floyd’s murder case, three other cops are accused of assisting within the arrest or preventing passers-by from intervening to assist Floyd.

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