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July 23, 2021


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Heat wave in US: Record-breaking heat forecast in California and Nevada

1 min read
US Weather

Record temperatures are forecast within the western states of California and Nevada after the acute wave within the us . a couple of weeks ago there was a dangerous heatwave in North America and therefore the hottest June within the region. California’s Death Valley recorded a high of 54.4 degrees Celsius on Friday, with similar heat expected over the weekend.

Millions of people within the us are warned of utmost heat. The National Weather Service has advised affected people to drink many water and stay in air-conditioned buildings. The temperature in Death Valley on Friday was adequate to the temperature recorded in August 2020, which individuals thought this is often the warmest temperature ever recorded on the earth .

The year 1913 also recorded 56.7 degrees Celsius, but some experts consider it controversial.

Lightning struck parts of the Sierra Nevada forest area in northern Nevada, near the California border, sparking a fire that forced people to escape their homes.

Firefighters trying to contain wildfires within the region say the air is so dry that the majority of the water dropped by planes to prevent the hearth evaporates before it reaches the bottom .

Temperatures in Las Vegas could reach record highs of 47.2 degrees Celsius, weather forecasters say. ۔

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