Himalayan Pink Salt: Are There Health Benefits?


Pink salt, also referred to as ‘Himalayan salt’, is found within the range between Jhelum and Kohat in Pakistan.

Many people claim that pink salt is rich in minerals and provides incredible health benefits. it’s also said that pink salt is more beneficial than the commonly used white salt.

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Since little research has been done on pink salt, some people believe that these unusual health claims about pink salt are nothing quite speculation.

According to nutritionists, salt may be a mineral that contains about 98% common salt . White salt is named salt which is definitely available within the market while pink salt is additionally called Himalayan salt.

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What is the difference between white and pink salt?

White salt

The sodium in salt is an important mineral for our body which is found in large quantities in white salt. Use also causes high vital sign and heart condition , and overuse should be avoided.

Pink, pink or Himalayan salt

The second largest salt mine within the world, Khiura, is found in Pakistan. The mine has large deposits of Punk Salt. Pink salt isn’t refined after extraction from the mine and doesn’t contain any additional ingredients or minerals. Are done.

Pink salt is rich in minerals, especially iron. Experts say that this salt contains 84 minerals. This salt is additionally mostly supported common salt , but it’s a better sodium content than white salt. Rarely found.

One teaspoon of white salt contains about 2,300 milligrams of sodium. consistent with nutritionists, no quite 2,000 milligrams of sodium should be consumed daily, ie don’t exceed the equivalent of a few teaspoon of salt.

Similarly, pink salt also contains high levels of common salt , but it’s a rather lower sodium content than white salt. One teaspoon of pink salt contains about 2,000 milligrams of sodium.

One gram of white salt contains 0.4 mg of calcium and 1.4 mg of pink salt.

Similarly, common salt contains 0.9 mg of potassium and a couple of .8 mg of pink salt.

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1 gram of white salt contains 0.0139 mg of magnesium and 1.06 mg of pink salt.

Table salt contains 0.01 mg of iron, 381 mg of sodium, while pink salt contains 0.037 mg of iron and 368 mg of sodium.

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Health Benefits of Punk Salt

Pink salt relieves complaints about the lungs and nasal system, reduces weight, slows down the consequences of aging, and balances blood glucose levels.

The use of pink salt maintains the balance of moisture and electrolytes within the body, relieves muscle pain, balances hormones and also controls vital sign .

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According to nutritionists, pink salt, when utilized in moderation, has no adverse effects on health, while its use improves the health of the stomach, kidneys, lungs and other internal organs.