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How to improve the performance of laptop or computer systems?

Those performing on laptops and systems skills much speed affects work.

But those that work on systems and laptops haven’t any idea what’s causing their speed to be affected.
Whether it is a laptop or a smartphone, all of them accumulate junk files and that we usually ignore them. But if junk files are allowed to accumulate from a computer or smartphone, then it slows down the pc , and you’ll face a delay in opening any program.
How to remove these junk files from laptops, systems and improve its performance and for this we’ll need only a prompt .
Follow these steps to:

  1. First you open the prompt window, for that click on the beginning button at rock bottom and sort (CMD), now enter.
  2. Now select all the files by pressing (Ctrl + A) then press Delete or (Shift + Delete).
  3. you’ll delete the remaining files within the same way.
    This way the speed of your systems are going to be greatly improved and if such a drag occurs again, you’ll have an answer to affect it.

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