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July 23, 2021


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How to tackle Islamophobia, the best strategies from around Europe

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Islamophobia is that the name of hatred and prejudice against Muslims. The fear of Islam that enters their hearts is named “Islamophobia”. “Phobia” may be a Greek word sense fear and apprehension. consistent with the Oxford Dictionary, the word Islamophobia means “severe dislike or fear of Islam, enmity or prejudice against Muslims as a political force.

” it’s a comparatively modern word coined to defame Islam and Muslims. Because after many oppositions, the speed with which Islam is spreading within the world and other people are taking refuge within the realm of Islam in droves, as a results of which the sleep of false forces has become forbidden, they need become scared of Islam.

False forces created an environment of Islamophobia to allay their fears.

The word Islamophobia is usually utilized in the West to explain the fear of Islam and therefore the abomination of Muslims. Has taken a dangerous turn.

it’s feared that Europe and therefore the West will turn this society into a bigoted one rather than a positive one.

Fear is being created within the minds of ordinary citizens within the West that the spread of Islam will change their culture.

And there’s a significant threat to spiritual values, which is fueling hatred against Muslims and fear of Islam.

Consistent with a report within the Western newspaper Guardian dated June 20, 2016, “74 such?

Organized groups instill fear of Muslims in people and promote hatred of Muslims. many dollars are paid to those pressure groups for his or her anti-Muslim activities. ”

Three major Australian newspapers this year published 3,000 articles on Islamic terrorism, Islamic extremism and hate speech against Islam. on the average ,

Australians read eight anti-Islamic articles a day this year, giving the impression that Muslims are primarily terrorists.

Of these, 152 articles were published on the front pages of newspapers in order that everyone could see them.

The campaign to spread fear of Islam and hatred against it’s now taken the shape of a sort of industry.

This lucrative industry is generously funded by anti-Muslim organizations and individuals. These institutions usually hire teachers and writers from educational institutions to reinforce their reputation.

These institutions are growing rapidly. In 2010, the amount of such institutions was about five, which has grown rapidly to shut to 114. Muslims round the world are being targeted for his or her places of worship.

This practice is predicated on anti-Islamic attitudes and may be a clear violation of law of nations , although all governments are obliged to respect law of nations .

However, it’s risen alarmingly since the 9/11 attacks. Different definitions of Islamophobia are offered. It means hating or fearing Islam, Muslims or Islamic civilization.

what’s meant by this is often that Islam may be a bigoted religion whose attitude is violent towards other religions and also that Muslims reject everything that’s against Islam.

an individual affected by Islamophobia falls prey to the delusion that each one Muslims or most Muslims are religious fanatics, they need an aggressive attitude towards non-Muslims.

Those involved in Islamophobia believe that Islam rejects tolerance, equality and therefore the Western ideology of democracy outright.

Islamophobia is taken into account a replacement sort of racism.

The term Islamophobia has been used since the first 1976, but was rarely utilized in the 1980s and 1990s. The term first appeared in 1990.

The term has been widely used against Muslims since the 9/11 , 2011, World Trade Center investigation into a dramatic surprise attack .

By the way, a negative ideology of Islamophobia has been happening since the time of Prophet Muhammad and reached its peak within the last decade of the 20 th century. The Christian and Jewish world consider Islam as a fearful and unacceptable religion. ۔

that’s why new tactics are being devised to humiliate Islam and Muslims. If we glance at the planet situation, it’s clear that Islamophobia has alienated the planet from the truth of Islam. is being done.

Under Islamophobia, cultural, religious, political, scientific and literary poison is getting used against Islam and Muslims altogether respects.

Therefore, all political situations, crises, violence and prejudice, human rights violations, killings, etc. Are reflecting.

In many countries, members of the Ummah are being trained through fearless attacks.

Insult to the Mercy of the Worlds, the Last of the Prophets. In New Zealand, 51 worshipers were martyred by indiscriminate firing on worshipers entering a mosque on Friday, killing inside a courthouse in Germany for wearing a niqab, also as mistreatment of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons.

A heartbreaking incident of burning the Holy Quran during a gathering in Norway and Sweden, the recent horrific incident of terrorism, hatred and non secular bigotry within the Canadian province of Ontario.

This horrific accident wasn’t really an accident but the Islamophobia of a 20-year-old Canadian youth, a manifestation of utmost hatred of Muslims.

2 thoughts on “How to tackle Islamophobia, the best strategies from around Europe

  1. Islamophobia is a perfect tool to divert attention to other subjects and try to portray Islamist bigots as “victims”.
    Ordinary citizens are in the middle of a battle between Islamic groups from Muslim countries and far right groups from the West, in which religion is nothing but a tool to attack the other. In this war, Muslims and women are the main victims of both extremists.
    The same people claiming that the West is Islamophobic are reluctant to accept the fact that women and non-Muslims are at best second class citizens in most Muslim countries according to Islamic Law. Polygamy is legal in all but two Muslim countries while homosexuality, apostasy or preaching a non-Muslim religion is a capital crime in over ten Muslim countries. Not to mention ISIS, Boko Haram or the hundreds of casualties provoked by Islamist attacks in Europe, the US and all over the World. The author forgets to mention the welfare state, citizenship rights and all subsidies granted to Muslims in most western countries. Or the fact that in Western countries there are far more heinous and violent acts against non-Muslims (Jews, Christians, atheists) than against Muslims.
    There are many reasons why so many Muslims prefer to live in Western countries and not in Muslim ones. They are less likely to be victims of attacks in the West than in their own countries. For instance, the Iranian revolution was not exactly a fight for Women’s rights, freedom and democracy but quite the opposite.
    Politicians are often appealing to identities and emotions. The rights of ordinary citizens and the economy (or the corruption) are thus ignored and jeopardised.

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