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“I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t think of her,” parents say of daughter killed on Sept. 11

Twenty years after the terrorist attacks on the us on 9/11 , 2001, it seems strange to speak to someone who survived the attacks. And John Simmons of latest York, who survived the massacre of nearly 3,000 people, considers it nothing in need of a miracle. And twenty years later, they still call it the scariest day of their lives.

Speaking to VOA’s Sona Hakubian, John Simmons said that on the morning of 9/11 , 2001, he received his office as was common on the 30th floor of the South Tower of the planet Trade Center when he heard an explosion. The blast was so powerful that the entire building shook.

“It was the primary plane to hit another tower to the north, and with such a loud explosion that I heard it 100 yards away during a completely different building. A cup of coffee fell from my hand,” he says.

He says the smoke from the North Tower covered the opposite tower and made it clear that something very wrong had happened. He couldn’t see the opposite tower from his office, but he saw people running out of the building.

A total of two ,753 people were killed within the 9/11 , 2001 terrorist attacks on the planet Trade Center in ny .

“From our window we could see the paper falling down and other people deed from the building. then I smelled smoke. I saw my wife, Charlene,” “I’m going out of the building and that i hope there is no problem, but if something happens, just lookout of our youngsters … just lookout of the youngsters .”

The Simonians say that what happened next is nothing in need of a miracle. After lecture his wife, he ran to the steps . They spent 30 floors and exited the tower.

He then says, “Another plane omitted my head and hit the 75th floor of the building. i used to be shortly away and will see how big the explosion was and therefore the very same building where I had been a short time ago.” Immediately a fireplace broke out and came out of my mouth. Oh my God.

“If I hadn’t gotten out of the tower then, i would not be alive today, i might have died with my co-worker,” says Simonian.

It’s been 20 years since this tragic event, but people like Samoan haven’t forgotten it.

Simmons says he often goes to the 9/11 memorial and reads the names of the dead and thinks that if luck had not been with him, his name would are written on the plaques today.

Memories … Tragic memories are stuck on the screen of their minds. Even today, if they close their eyes, all the scenes of that day precede them. Debris falling on them and on the road and life disappearing within the dust and mud .

John Simmons says it’s all right down to him … “I do not know what percentage days there are in 20 years … but I’ve considered it thousands of times. and every one those events … he’s sad inside. A full and negative feeling … 20 years of internal trauma. “

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