India: Violence by Hindu extremists against a Muslim family in Madhya Pradesh


In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a Muslim family was tortured by Hindu revolutionaries for not leaving a Hindu- maturity vill.

The victim’s Muslim family alleges they were attacked by a mob of revolutionaries on the night of October 9.
He said the reason for the attack wasn’t to leave his Hindu- adultness townlet of Peode.

Exec of Police Mahesh Chandra Jain has denied the allegations of the Muslim family, saying that seven people sustained minor injuries in the quarrel in the townlet.
He also said that 5 members of a Muslim family and 2 Hindus were also among the injured.

BJP leaders defended the administration and indicted Congress leaders of “ playing politics”. State minister Siddharth Nath Singh pompously declared that no Congress leader would be allowed to do any “ mischief”. They looked a little silly when hours thereafter all Congress leaders were allowed to pace to Lakhimpur Kheri.

Some BJP leaders put up a undaunted face in Lucknow and explained the slipups as masterful strategy. Driving a wedge in the Opposition and allowing Congress leaders to steal the thunder, they argued, were meant to put the Samajwadi Party in aspot.However, they added hopefully, it would suit the BJP just creditably, If Congress votes surged in some constituencies at the cost of SP.