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iphone 13 pro max display größe

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Apple unveiled its new products at its annual meeting on Tuesday, September 9th.

According to an Associated Press report, Apple’s CEO has officially unveiled the new iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone at a previously registered online event, covering all of the company’s programs and other service issues. Gave details.

Apple’s new phone or iPhone 7 doesn’t change much with the previous model, but it does have tons of storage potential.

These phones, which are connected to the FiveG or 5th generation network, have special capabilities in their cameras, which have significantly improved the standard of photography and photography.

The iPhone 7 also will be available in four models, Ordinary, Mini Pro and Promix, priced at ۷۰۰ 5 to 7.

Under the present program, the iPhone 7 will continue sale at the company’s stores and other stores from September 4.

An important feature of the iPhone 7 is its storage capacity of up to 1,000 gigabytes, which has quite doubled within the past, and may store up to three ,000 photos and 4 hours of high-quality video.

“The iPhone features a strong, wide lens and is capable of filming tons in the dark ,” Mr Cook said at Apple’s annual event. The camera also features a new cinematic film shooting option which will be utilized in the assembly of flicks and serials.

Another feature of this new phone compared to the iPhone 7 is that it’s older and charges faster.

Despite all of this, Apple’s new product launch ceremony focused on the introduction of product gadgets like most other technology companies, and during a way bogged down the pace of major innovations in smartphones. .

This is one among the explanations why people like better to use their old phones for an extended time and sales of this product are declining in recent years.

Sales of the iPhone 7 were 3 percent above previous phones thanks to the Corona epidemic and therefore the need for newer phones, pushing Apple’s value to quite 2 billion.

But after Tuesday’s ceremony, the worth of Apple’s shares fell. It appears that the iPhone 7 has not lived up to shareholders’ expectations and sales might not be significant.

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