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ISIS claims to have carried out attacks on the Taliban in Jalalabad

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Islamic State-Khurasan groups have claimed responsibility for attacks on Taliban vehicles within the town of Jalalabad on Saturday and Sunday.

The group said during a press release issued on Friday that it had “detonated three separate bombs on three Taliban vehicles” on Saturday which another bomb had hit a Taliban vehicle on Sunday.

Local media also reported that a bomb had exploded in Jalalabad on Sunday carrying Taliban militants.

Witnesses said several Taliban insurgents were wounded within the attack and delivered to hospital for treatment. The Taliban haven’t yet said what percentage of their members were killed or wounded within the blasts.

The Islamic State-Khurasan branch of Nangarhar province is taken under consideration to be the strongest center. The group has long been hostile to the Taliban and has hit each other within the face.

It has been quite month since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan and Nangarhar is that the primary place within the province to be bombed and targeted by insurgents.

The Taliban entered Kabul on Transfiguration , and since then there are renewed concerns that ISIS and al-Qaeda may re-emerge in Afghanistan.

The CIA recently said there was clear evidence that al Qaeda had resumed operations in Afghanistan. The agency warned that al-Qaeda could regroup within a year.

Besides the us , Afghanistan’s neighbor Iran has also expressed concern over the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said after attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Tajikistan on Saturday (September 7th) that the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan wasn’t just for Iran apart from Iran. Dangerous for the whole region.

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