Kurulus Osman Urdu – Season 01 – Ep 14 by Geo

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Download with Urdu subtitles in HD quality

The Turkish most-watched TV series “ kurulus Osman “portrays the story of the Ottoman Empire . The series got viral in Pakistan and loved by the Pakistani audience. To full the necessity of viewers, we present you the kurulus Osman season 1 download links with Urdu subtitles in HD quality.

The viral Turkish series kurulus Osman season 1 includes the external and internal struggles of Osman Ghazi. The series shows how he manages to determine and control the good Ottoman Empire . The series also portrays how he fought against the Byzantium and therefore the Mongols of the khanate. Moreover, how he was ready to secure independence from the sultanate of Rum.

Ertugrul may be a brave soldier of the Kayi tribe. undoubtedly he features a kind heart. additionally , he falls crazy with the Daughter of Sultan Halime. Moreover, Halime may be a beautiful lass . Whereas her family was in Jail with the soldiers of the Saleb Empire. once they were taking her to their center place on the way Ertugrul was also passing by for hunting together with his close friends Roshan, Babar, and Noor Gul his close companions and brothers. He saw those soldiers beating Halime’s father. As a result, they started fighting with them and took Halime and his family out of danger to his tribe.

if you’re watching Kurulus Osman, this suggests you’ve got completed 5 seasons of dirilis ertugrul. Share your views within the comment section. what does one like in ertugrul and in Osman? does one miss any character of ertugrul in Osman?.

Kurulus osman season 1 story

The first episode opens with the making of a sword by Osman for Aybars who is Bamsi’s son. they need a really close relationship as Osman considers him his own brother. The sward may be a wedding present to Aybar as he’s getting to marry in few days. all of them are very happy about the wedding .

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Osman swear to Bamsi that his father flag and therefore the new sword are going to be taken everywhere the planet to make a replacement state for his community.

After a while the Aybars leaves his town with Osman to move carpets, furs, and arms to Tekfur who is that the ruling Lord of the land and lives in Kuuchaiser Castle.

Dundar Bey is responsible of the tribe. Dundar Bey is definitely swain by others into doing their misdeeds, he falls into the trap of the devious Selcuk Sancak Bey, Alisar, and therefore the merciless princess of Kuluchaisar, Sofia, who seeks to kill all the Turks.

Osman can see through Alisar and Sofia’s plans and warns him about them. As they still build more tension against the Kayi, Geyhatu sends komutan Balgay to cause more trouble and stop the kayi. Komutan Balgay comes especially to prevent Osman from reveling against the Mongols.

Dundar Bey who become the Sancak Bey after bowing right down to the Mongols. This makes Alisar angere and he starts believing that Osman kill his son. After a while , once they recive threats from the Kulucahisar Castle, Dundar shows truth face.

Kurulus osman 14

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