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July 23, 2021


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More than 1,700 arrested over South Africa violence

2 min read

Violent protests erupted in Johannesburg, South Africa , following the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma, and looting continues after the siege, with 124 people killed thus far .

According to official figures, about 2,500 suspects are arrested thus far in reference to the violence within the country.

Police and therefore the army also used rubber bullets to attenuate protesters, but an outsized number of protesters remains busy robbery in several shopping malls, warehouses and shops.

The vandalism and arson has affected the companies of thousands of Pakistanis, but at an equivalent time their documents have disappeared, making it difficult for them to return.

Among such Pakistanis is Johannesburg-based Sargodha-based businessman Malik Shahbaz.

He told The Independent Urdu that he has five shops in Johannesburg where only Pakistanis work.

“All the shops were looted and money was snatched from the riots that are happening for 3 or four days. Most citizens’ travel documents also are missing.

He said the worst affected areas were Johannesburg, Durban and Peturia, with a complete loss of a minimum of 17 to 180 million Pakistani rupees.

Regarding the amount of Pakistanis living there, he said that there are five to 6 lakh Pakistanis living in Johannesburg alone.

According to Malik Shahbaz, factories, offices and shops are looted, killing several people and injuring hundreds. “We are hiding during a workshop with the staff. there’s nothing to eat or drink.”
Troops deployed in South Africa after siege and looting
“It is understood from the media that the safety forces have taken control but we’ve not begin . things isn’t in check yet. many of us are sick and can’t attend the hospital or have flights.

“Our passports and identity cards also are missing. we will not come ,” he added.

Similarly, Muhammad Adnan, a salesman working in Johannesburg, told The Independent Urdu that he too had been hiding during a junkyard together with his friends for 3 days.

“We have lost our passports and no money. the govt of Pakistan should help the Pakistanis trapped in South Africa and take steps to urge us out of here.

Troops are deployed to quell unrest in South Africa , with a minimum of 10 bodies found during a mall during the unrest.

The former South African president turned himself in to police last week. Former President Jacob Zuma has been charged with contempt of court for failing to seem in an investigation into alleged corruption during his presidency.

However, the previous president denies the allegations against him.


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