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No need for a third booster dose against corona: research

According to research published within the British scientific journal, vaccination is enough to regulate the severity of corona virus, while booster doses aren’t currently needed.

A study published Monday within the British scientific journal The Lancet says the overall public doesn’t got to be vaccinated with a booster , consistent with AFP.
It is believed that some countries have started giving additional doses of the vaccine thanks to the fear of Delta variant.

during a new study, scientists say that despite fears of a delta variant, booster food isn’t suitable for the overall public at this stage of the epidemic. The researchers included World Health Organization scientists.

Researchers have also reviewed other studies and clinical trials that have shown that the vaccine is extremely effective against all kinds of corona symptoms, including delta variants.
Anna Mario, lead author of the study and a World Health Organization scientist, says current studies don’t provide credible evidence that vaccines reduce the effectiveness of vaccines against any serious disease.

He said that the primary priority within the world should be to supply vaccines to those that haven’t yet been vaccinated.
Research has shown that vaccine booster doses aren’t required. (Photo: AFP)

The study’s lead author, Anna Mario, added that the vaccine could soon prevent more variants of the corona.

France has begun administering a 3rd dose of the vaccine to the elderly and other people with weakened immune systems, while Israel is giving a 3rd dose to children 12 and older five months after the second dose.

The head of the planet Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, has called on all countries to refrain from overdosing on vaccines by the top of the year. The United Nations has instructed all countries to vaccinate 10 percent of their population by the top of this month and 40 percent by the top of the year.

According to a British study, the present variants of Corona haven’t developed to such an extent that the vaccine isn’t effective against them.
The research further states that just in case of emergence of latest strains of the virus, it’s better to develop vaccine boosters consistent with the new variant than to administer a 3rd dose of the prevailing vaccine, which is then injected into humans.

Azra Ghani, head of the infectious diseases department at Imperial College London, says there’s no single point of view on the booster vaccine.

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