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July 23, 2021


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POLAND want to create its own EUROPEAN UNION? Why?

9 min read

the european union what’s the first thing you think that of probably the first thing that involves mind are images of brussels and public buildings or maybe pictures of nations as influential as the federal republic of germany or france counting.

where you’re watching us from you would possibly even think of the uk instead of countries like Lithuania or Slovenia and indeed in 2018 a survey was conducted in 26 countries round the world the results of which indicated that the three most vital union states were in this order Germany France.

therefore the united kingdom within the fourth position following quite far behind these countries was Italy what these countries all have in common is that they’re western European countries.

therefore the truth is that regardless of what proportion union there appears to be there’s still a really clear line within the sand between those two very different europes that today make up the european union we are talking about perceptions.

but also about infrastructure and deep political social and economic differences and this is of increasing concern to the opposite Europe that is central and eastern Europe while western european nations are deeply intertwined through energy and transport links.

the nations of the three seas remain relatively disconnected from one another and you’ll say so what’s this about the nations of the three seas well the three seas initiative may be a project that was created precisely to solve all of those problems seeing its name you might think.

it’s something to try to to with the maritime industry or something to do with seas right well i’m sorry but it’s nothing like that the initiative is so named.

because it links 12 European Union countries located between three different seas the Baltic to the north the Black Sea to the south east and therefore the Adriatic to the south west we are talking about Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,

the Czech republic and Romania it’s a movement created in 2015 to hold out projects in three areas infrastructure energy and telecommunications its objective to foster economic process within the whole region.

the three seas initiative has given rise to more than one controversy both inside and out of doors the ecu union in short it’s the support of the united states it angers Russia and it worries some eu countries.

where does this project come from what exactly does it consist of how far could it really go and could it maybe even become a threat to the ecu union itself at least as we all know it today well we’re going to take a glance at that right now central Europe’s comeback.

as we’ve already mentioned the three seas initiative unites an entire swathe of countries from Estonia to bulgaria and the idea of connecting northern and southern europe is way from new what has not changed this point is its main promoter which is none aside from Polan.

Poland is stronger than at any time since the 17th century says president duda nfp André duda is the president of Poland the country that together with Croatia has launched the three seas initiative and you’re probably thinking so why is he talking about the 17th century well this map explains everything what we see in green is that the territory of the polish Lithuanian commonwealth.

A few federal state created by the union of Lublin back in 1569 which reached its peak within the 17th century for Poland this was a golden age something just like the 20th century for Hollywood.

however the commonwealth intrinsically had a really short history at the top of the 18th century this territory saw not one but three partitions between its large neighbors Austria prussia and russia as a consequence both Poland and Lithuania didn’t become independent again until after the primary war in 1918.

the second polish republic was created an independent state but one which was a far cry from the grandeur of the 17th century it was precisely then that the idea of recreating the former commonwealth in one form or another began to take hold .

As donald trump might have said if he was born in poland at the time znobu ushilik polsky something like that anyway.

Poland on behalf of my pronunciation for your beautiful language in case your polish is rusty like mine certainly is that was make Poland great again although the truth is that in order to make this promise it did not take a Donald trump.

because the second polish republic already had a leader who was fully committed to this message we are talking about ugh joseph piusky i’m so sorry poland.

piusky was the first head of state and 20th century Poland and his great concern was the pronunciation of his name by foreigners.

In the east initially the russian empire and later the soviet union in fact under puzzles command poland fought a two-year war against the future republics of the ussr and of course the big question is what could a country like poland do to survive well puzky had two proposals.

the first option was to break the enemy from within as you know that as far as nationalities were concerned the Russian empire and later the communist project were anything but homogeneous thus Suzuki’s idea which received the name Prometheans consisted of promoting anti-Russian and anti-Soviet attitudes among the different peoples that made up the Ussr however pyzotsky’s project that resonates most of this video was the so-called intermarried which covered the territory that lies between the Baltic black and adriatic seas.

what would this territory look like to us exactly they are the same countries participating today in the three seas initiative.

was a political project between the countries located within the territory of the former polish-lithuanian commonwealth in this way purutsky intended to create a new core of regional power and to find strength in union but with poland as the leading voice the idea was developed by other polish politicians in the interwar period but the truth is that it did not find enough support abroad it ended up becoming a failed project.

however there is a very important difference between the enter marium and the three seas initiative pyrotsuki was thinking about the integration of the countries in the region with geopolitical and military aspects as the basis of the project in contrast the three seas initiative is no longer a project of integration but of coordination and has much more of an economic background but wait a minute because here we have to make a side note it is true that the new initiative does not make provision for cooperation in military matters but it is also true that with the exception of Austria.

all the countries of the three seas initiatives are also members of nato in addition nine of them are part of a regional regripping known as the bucharest nine the b9 was created in 2015 at the suggestion of romania and poland and aims to harmonize regional preferences within nato in other words if we combine the three seas initiative with the country’s membership in nato and the b9 then what we have is a project much more akin to porrowski’s enter mariam now at this point i’m sure you still have many questions what exactly does this initiative entail why is poland so interested in it and what are the consequences for the region and beyond do you want to know more check this out connecting Europe in 2015.

the presidents of poland and croatia agreed to create the three seas initiative it should be understood that for the time being is not a new international organization but an informal movement so far the initiative has held five annual summits and the sixth will take place in bulgaria in july 2021.

its main objective is to promote economic growth in the region and reduce the group’s energy dependence on russia therefore its key three project types are transportation telecommunications and energy to date.

90 projects in various stages of development for example one of the projects proposed by hungary is the so-called north-south connection as the name suggests it consists of creating a transport corridor from sweden to greece passing through poland the czech republic slovakia hungary croatia serbia montenegro and macedonia and although some of these countries are not even part of the three seas initiative what matters here is the ultimate goal to promote connectivity between the north and the south of the central eastern fringe of Europe.

in the digital field we also have very interesting projects and areas as varied as 5g cyber security and real-time monitoring of hydrographic basins but perhaps the foremost important sector is energy.

40 of all gas imported by the ecu union comes from russia as you’ll see russian gas is particularly important for a few of the countries of the three seas initiative this translates to an invaluable geopolitical tool for moscow precisely due to this countries like estonia latvia and croatia are performing on the creation of liquefied gas terminals that will allow them to not depend upon gas pipelines and thus not on Russian gas liquefied gas or LNG is transported in giant lng carriers and therefore the advantage of this system is that it exposes many new import channels for instance.

since 2017 Poland has been importing liquefied gas from the united states it all sounds great thus far doesn’t it well hold on because it is time to speak about the most problem with the three seas initiative and some of the projects for instance the north south corridor are on hold because it is not in the least clear how and when they’ll be implemented and in particular where on earth will the cash will come from to finance it remember we aren’t even talking a few formal agreement to date only two of the 90 projects have been completed and both were national and scope the solution in theory this might be it polish and romanian banks established three seas investment fund emerging europe.

the investment fund was created in june 2019 and is that the first formal institution created under this initiative it had been initially endowed with 520 million euros that’s 616 million us dollars a figure that has grown to 1.2 billion or 1.4 billion us dollars at the time of creating this video in fact it’s still an extended way faraway from its first target which stands at 3 billion euros or 3.6 billion us dollars the thought is that this fund would finance around 9 of the proposed investments in their first stages the remainder of the financing would need to come from national coffers and European funds like the ecu investment bank the ecu bank for reconstruction and development.

the connecting europe facility of course if this fund has served any purpose it’s been to verify that the 3si the three seas initiative is beginning to arouse interest outside the region take a glance at this 300 million dollars for the three seas fund by dfc 3cs.

eu now why does the us care such a lot about it to what extent does it threaten stability within the european union and what does all this need to do with russia check this out flood risk the 3si albeit it’s still very new is already beginning to arouse all types of reactions and this is often no small matter as an entire the 3si is formed from 12 of the 27 eu countries which which presents 25 of the eu population and 28 of its territory what’s more with the exception of austria all of those countries have only joined the ecu union since 2004.

so their history as a part of the eu is quite recent for this reason the creation of this initiative has been seen by some countries as an effort to challenge the europe of the 15th that’s the states that were a part of the eu before 2004. this is often so to talk the other europe that the ecu union welcomes a europe very different from the one we are wont to europe that’s not always comfortable with brussels does this mean we are facing a project that would shake the foundations of the ecu union well in fairness for the nonce.

it doesn’t really appear to be a threat to the european union within the short term anyway at the instant we aren’t talking a few formal structure the packs are still limited in scope and also not all countries are aligned within the same direction for instance slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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