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Pomegranate is called the fruit of heaven, make tea instead of wasting its peels and get rid of 6 major diseases.

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Pomegranate is one among the fruits that folks of all ages wish to taste and its benefits are immense thanks to its nutritional value – but people eat pomegranate seeds thanks to ignorance while using pomegranate. But its peels are thrown away as garbage when actually pomegranate peels are very nutritious.

Pomegranate peel tea

To use pomegranate peels, dry them within the sun, then grind them during a grinder until they become a powder. Store the powder in any coffee bottle. –

Add half a teaspoon of crushed pomegranate peels during a cup of water and cook it on the stove like tea. Then add juice and honey to taste and drink it either cold or hot. Can-

Benefits of Pomegranate Peel Tea
Frequent urination

Most people complain that they feel the necessity to urinate frequently. For this problem, use pomegranate peels once each day at any time of the day and see the benefit during a few days.

For abdominal pain

Pomegranate tea is an elixir just in case of stomach ache and indigestion for any reason. Cool this tea and drink it in two sips. there’ll be relief from the pain.

For bad breath

Most people suffer from bad breath thanks to stomach problems or gum problems which causes severe embarrassment. Pomegranate peel tea is that the best thanks to get obviate it. Heals gums, relieves toothache, while taking a couple of sips relieves stomach ailments and improves digestion.

For hemorrhoids

Pomegranate peels are effective in treating both hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids. the utilization of pomegranate peel tea twice each day eliminates all kinds of hemorrhoids.

For tonsillitis and pharyngitis

Recurrent sore throats in children are often attributed to tonsillitis, the sole treatment that is surgery, but gargle with pomegranate peel tea twice each day to avoid the danger of tonsillitis. It can even save lives forever.

To reduce

If an individual has high cholesterol and needs to reduce , then he should make pomegranate tea, add a bit of ginger and use it twice each day . during a few days the load will start to decrease naturally and therefore the fat will start to melt.

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