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Russia: Pro-Putin party wins big majority wins parliamentary elections

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Russia’s ruling United Russia party has won a majority within the election and retained a majority in parliament.

Russia’s Central committee (CEC) on Monday announced the results of the September 17-19 parliamentary elections, according to Reuters.

According to the Central committee , the United Russia party won 49 percent of the vote, while its rival, the Communist Party , won 20 percent. Is on

Despite winning the election, the ruling party’s performance was poor compared to the 2016 election. within the last election, United Russia won quite 54% of the vote.

According to preliminary results released by the committee , the nationalist party LDPR won eight percent of the vote and thus the Fair Russia party seven percent. generally , these parties support the Kremlin on sort of important issues.

Critics of the Kremlin (Russia’s presidential palace) have accused the election of being rigged, saying it had been rigged.

Critics say the ruling party fears transparent elections, which is why opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s movement was suppressed by cracking down before the election.

However, committee officials said that the results are declared null and void at the polling stations from which complaints of irregularities are received. However, overall the elections were transparent.

It should be noted that no political change is predicted after the elections in Russia. President Putin , who has been in power since 1999, remains a strong figure who will remain in power until the 2024 presidential election.

A rally was held near the headquarters of the United Russia party on the victory of the pro-Putin party, during which Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin chanted slogans in favor of President Putin.

Some of the knowledge during this news is taken from the news agency ‘Reuters’.

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