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Some healthy habits that can make you sick

Health care is a smaller amount common within the 21st century than it’s within the 21st century, but sensitivity isn’t nearly as good – so sometimes taking an excessive amount of care of one’s health can cause many illnesses. Today we’ll tell you about-

Use of dietary supplements

Nowadays, people round the world must take dietary supplements or strength pills within the sort of tablets before breakfast. These supplements, which contain calcium, vitamins and various minerals, are wont to boost strength – but not every one needs all of those supplements, so it’s up to the nutritionist to make a decision which supplement to use. it’s important to follow the recommendation of the doctor, otherwise their use can cause serious health problems, including kidney stones, and hormonal imbalances.

Frequent brushing


Dentists usually recommend brushing your teeth twice each day . But some people are a touch too sensitive about dental hygiene and find it necessary to brush their teeth after every meal – but experts believe that repeated brushing is that the layer on top of the teeth that protects it. it’s removed, which causes the teeth to start to decay quickly.

Cleaning the ear with a cotton swab

Nature has found out a daily system of ear cleaning in our body consistent with which waxy substance prevents anything from entering the ear – but some people consider this waxy stomach as dirt and expel it. They use a cotton swab to get rid of the debris from alittle hole within the ear. There could also be an infection and there could also be damage to the eardrum as a results of this infection.

Wash your hands with a sanitizer

Washroom habits

Hand hygiene can protect an individual from many diseases. In recent times, it’s been suggested to wash hands frequently with a sanitizer to guard against the corona virus – but experts believe that hand washing with soap for hand hygiene is more common than sanitizers. Better yet, because sanitizers can only kill certain germs, while washing hands with soap removes up to 90% of germs – so it’s better to scrub your hands rather than repeatedly hand sanitizing. are often useful-

Use a sponge and towel within the kitchen

Most people use sponges and towels to wash kitchens and dry wet surfaces, and keep these things in wet kitchens after cleaning – causing bacteria to create up in them thanks to moisture. which may even be transmitted to foodstuffs and may cause illness. For this reason, these cleaning products should be dried within the sun after use and altered hebdomadally to stop the expansion of bacteria in them.

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