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Taliban is the only option against ISIS: Imran Khan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that a comprehensive government in Afghanistan is the desire of neighboring countries.”The Taliban are the smart and only option to get disencumber of ISIS,”he said.

Notwithstanding, they will go twenty- period-old Taliban, If they aren’thelped.However, it’ll go a haven for ISIS, If Washington doesn’t furnish an aid package toAfghanistan.However, all US and cohered labors in Afghanistan will be wasted, If that happens.
The United States is in a state of” outrage and shock”over the situation after the recession from Afghanistan. The United States must play a lead purpose. The American people have nowise been made ware of the real situation.

Locker Karam, an supporter of the US in the Afghan issue, suffered the most. Now that the US has withdrawn from the region, our own Pashtuns in the border areas have turned against the US.
We can no longer be a party to such a contestation. The TTP is trying to negotiate with the people with whom peace can be made. Kashmir is a disputed area.

Pakistan has given them an option other thanaccession.However, they will have this self-ruling right, If they want to be free. The United Nations has turned a visionless eye to the Kashmir issue. The nuclear flash point in the whole world is between Pakistan and India.

There’s no war between Pakistan and India because of nuclear deterrence. India is considered a resistance force against China. No Middle Eastern country has constrained us to fete Israel.

Imran Khan, in an interview with the British online news agency Middle East Eye on Monday, said that the events that took place after the US pullout from Afghanistan are still in an evolutionary stage. Gaining foreign acceptance, this is a really critical moment for Afghanistan.
The world must negotiate withAfghanistan.However, personalty could freely fall into the hands of the 20- stretch-old Taliban, which would be fateful, If they’re removed. Millions of lives will be lost. With the return of the head, there will be chaos.

Afghanistan will turn a productive ground for terrorists like ISIS, which is a real problem for all of us. The Prime Minister said that our security chiefs had perorations with US officers.
Our Secretary of State is in touch with the US Secretary of State, we’re in touch, we’ve done all these effects with the US. Want to add

Give them time. We’ve no other option. It’s better to encourage them to do what they’resaying.However, the kind of people they’re will defy, If you force them. Will prove
The Prime Minister said that on the return of Narendra Modi from Israel, he forayed Kashmir and with the move of August 5, 2019, can we understand that he took instructions from there because that’s what Israel has done.

Israel has such a strong security barrier and they destroy everything, they pack their people to another country and kill.
They’ve complete impunity because whatever the UN General Assembly says, they’ve full confidence in the power of the US interdiction in the Security Council, so they avoid any situation.

I suppose since India is considered a resistance force against China at the moment, I suppose it’s also the case that India will escape any situation.
Replying to a question regarding delusive and sensationalism against Muslims in the media, the Prime Minister said that he also denounced the leadership of Muslim countries for this.

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