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July 23, 2021


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‘Taliban strategy on women’s emancipation and rights vague’

4 min read

“The law and order situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating with each passing day. We are seeing where the Taliban are imposing. There they need also begun to impose some restrictions on lifestyle .

This is consistent with Khadija Amin, who doesn’t want the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan to spread across the country.

Khadija Amin, a journalist with the Kabul-based National Radio and tv Afghanistan (RTA), said the Afghan people have made great sacrifices over the past 20 years .

Speaking to VOA, she said she fears the Taliban’s return to power could lead on to women being barred from attending educational institutions also as working in offices.

The Taliban government between 1996 and 2001 banned women from leaving the house without a mahram, employment and education.

Khadija Amin says she moved to Pakistan together with her parents to save lots of her life during this era , but is shocked whenever she hears stories from her mother that period.

Concerns about the longer term of women’s rights have grown since the withdrawal folks and coalition forces from Afghanistan.

The Taliban claim control of much of the country.

In the past week, the Taliban have also seized territory bordering Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and China. The Taliban also claimed control of the Islam Qala crossing point adjacent to Iran in Herat province on Thursday.

The Taliban, on the opposite hand, say they need learned from the past and can not compromise on women’s employment and education. However, he also clarified that each one this is able to be within the realm of Islam.

Doubts over Taliban claims
Shankai Karokhel has been a member of the Afghan parliament since 2005. She views the Taliban’s claims with suspicion.

He says there has been a rise in Taliban violence. They destroy wherever they occupy.

He said there have been some places where the Taliban had warned women to quit their jobs.

The Afghan parliamentarian added that those that are involved in destroying Afghanistan rather than building it. How can their words be believed?

According to Shinkai Karokhel, the Taliban’s strategy on women’s emancipation and rights is ambiguous.

According to him, the education of women has been made compulsory in Islam and not optional. He further said that education is that the duty of both men and ladies . Women should be considered as citizenry a bit like men. they ought to even be given opportunities for education, employment and freedom.

Palwasha Hassan, a Kabul-based women’s rights activist, agrees with Shankai Karokhel.

“Unfortunately, we will not say that the Taliban’s behavior has changed in any way,” he told VOA. Because there are reports from some places that women’s projects are being pack up .

Palwasha Hassan added that things in Afghanistan must be understood. this is often a war-torn country. There has been a riot here for quite 40 years. There are quite 2 million widows during this country. they’re involved employed for his or her children. Afghanistan may be a poor country. How will she support her children if she doesn’t leave her home?

“We live within the 21st century,” he added. it’s impossible for a person to be with a lady 24 hours each day . They even have their own work. Therefore, all such reports are untrue.

‘Education sector is that the first to fall victim to extremism’
Naghma (pseudonym) is from Balkh Province, Afghanistan. he’s an educator by profession.

“Unfortunately, the education sector is that the first to fall victim to extremism,” he told VOA. Because light spreads through knowledge while extremists want to stay people within the dark.

He further added that he was very worried about the chaos within the country. She cares about the closure of girls’ schools.

Khadija Amin says the Taliban aren’t implementing the Doha Peace Accord. Because their attacks have intensified.

He added that if the Taliban have really learned from the past, then why do they choose the gun route for all operations?

Therefore, she believes that the Taliban’s attitude has not changed much.

It should be noted that the Taliban hold the Afghan government liable for the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha, said the Afghan government’s priority was to perpetuate its rule instead of restore peace.

On the opposite hand, the Taliban rejects all reports like banning women from leaving their homes, forbidding men from shaving and making hijab compulsory for ladies .

Speaking to VOA, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that they had not put up any posters.

They call such actions propaganda of their opponents.

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