The G20 summit on the situation in Afghanistan, the Taliban are also active in recognizing their government

Talban Relation With USA

Leaders of the world’s 20 strongest penny-pinching will bandy the situation in Afghanistan on Tuesday, while the Taliban have stepped up pains to get their government feted internationally.

Hosted by Italy, the G20 height on the situation in Afghanistan will be a virtual meeting to bandy the charitable Dunkirk following the return of the Taliban to power.
The meeting will also moot aid to Afghanistan, security outfits and the safe evacuation of Western sympathizers in Afghanistan, according to AFP.

The situation in Afghanistan will be mooted by world leaders at a time when delegations of US and Taliban leaders met in Doha, Qatar, on Saturday.
Notwithstanding, the State Department said the meeting was a”professional” meeting, which didn’t mean the United States was honoring the Taliban government.

On Monday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres forewarned newsmen that Afghanistan was on the threshold of disaster and in dire need of cash.

“Afghanistan’s skimping is shrinking due to the upset of Afghanistan’s wherewithal and the provision of development aid,”he said. Banks are closing and other vital institutions, including health services, are closing.

Antonio Guterres added that the good juncture in Afghanistan was growing, affecting at least 18 million people, and that he believed the transnational community was moving sluggishly.

Production Foreign Minister of the Taliban government Amir Khan Mottaki said that he’d meet with the representatives of the European Union on Tuesday.

“We want positive relations with all countries of the world and we believe in balanced global relations,” Mottaki was quoted as saying in Doha on Monday, according to AFP.

According to him, a balanced relationship can protect Afghanistan from instability.

It should be noted that the Taliban government in Afghanistan is about to have a two-month term and so far no country has recognized their government, while due to the sanctions imposed by the United States and some other countries, Afghanistan’s economy The situation is alarming.

Some of the information in this story is taken from the news agency ‘AFP’.