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The success of the Taliban and the role of Pakistan rulers

The humiliation and disgrace inflicted on NATO countries in Afghanistan, including the us , during their stay there for the last twenty years and now they need in touch the brunt of the defeat.

Without recalling the wars fought and won only with the assistance of their faith and power, the Taliban first divided parts of Russia, a superpower adequate to the us , and suffered an equivalent defeat because the 28 countries of NATO forces today, including today’s superpowers. Power is being wielded by the us , with the Taliban leader’s statement that there was no evidence of Osama bin Laden’s attack on the us World Trade Center on 9/11 making it clear that Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam et al.

The US action against the countries was unjustified which not only led to the death of citizenry but also to the displacement of many citizens from their countries which ruined the economies of other countries where Pakistan is at the forefront and therefore the acts of terrorism there.

About 65,000 Muslims perished and billions of dollars were lost As a results of which we aren’t ready to stand on our own two feet today, our economy is in turmoil, inflation, unemployment, concealment , corruption storm has ruined the lives of 230 million people, the us which helped Musharraf government Destroyed Afghanistan using our local bases, logistical support, massacred the people there, is now posing for our help to suffocate and flee from there, and that we are more loyal to the Shah than to the Shah.

We are forced to assist them by feeding them because once we feed them, run our government on the loans given by their financial institutions, how can we deny them, we are all slaves, our descendants. Slaved, our bureaucracy, the establishment, the politicians have made the people a training ground for his or her luxuries, by making them scapegoats, they’re engaged in luxuries, an equivalent is true of about 55 Islamic countries round the world. it’s up to the leaders and their governments, they ought to learn a lesson from the Taliban that they will defeat all the powers with faith even today.

A Taliban leader whose ambassador to the planet was made difficult to measure in, whose ambassador was arrested by a dictator like Musharraf at the request of the us , on the contrary, check out the attitude of the Taliban We refused handy him over because he’s our guest and our traditions involve better treatment of guests, while we handed over our guest ambassador to the us to prove that we will save our chair and Hub Mall, Hub Jaa also can sell their faith, delivering Emil Kansi and many other Muslims to America also reflects our disgusting and disgusting thinking,

now our Prime Minister says to require over the race of Afghanistan in any case , the people of Afghanistan have broken the chains of slavery. there’s little question that the people of Afghanistan have failed any power that invades their country, be it Britain, Russia or the us . We also got to learn from them, things of about 55 Islamic countries and their rulers today Neither the sparrow nor the quail, we aren’t handled by alittle Israel that has suffocated the entire Islamic world, if we still be helpless within the face of the Western powers and their financial institutions. Our condition can never be right. consistent with the Qur’an, Jews and Christians can never be your friends.

we’ve to abide by His commands and therefore the ways of the Holy Prophet, the Sunnah. The wall will need to be built, otherwise the consequences of Talibanization will now fall on our people and have begun to fall. Democrats have given us nothing in 70 years.

US and NATO forces in Afghanistan then we lost thousands of our lives, lost trillions of rupees but along side us our eternal enemy India which invested 2 billion in Afghanistan only to hold out terrorism in our country and humiliate us. Billions of rupees spent on dams, roads and other development works are wasted and now Indian Prime Minister Ninder Modi has played the role of a cat after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. He has not issued any statement on his country’s policy.

He fears that if the Taliban achieve Afghanistan, the day won’t be far when Kashmir also will remain free.

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