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The Taliban want a new beginning in relations with the United States, spokesman Sohail Shaheen said

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Analysts are divided over the character of the connection between the us and thus the Taliban after the withdrawal folks troops from Afghanistan. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has made it clear that US relations with the Taliban will depend on how well the Taliban live up to their promises to the international community.

Mona Shah of VOA spoke to Sohail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman, to hunt out out what the Taliban were thinking about it and asked him how he viewed the Taliban’s relationship with the us . As or because the enemy?

Relations with the us
He said that when the us was fighting him in Afghanistan, he was his enemy. But at the same time, he mentioned the Doha talks and said that the us had finally realized that action wasn’t the answer . The Taliban spokesman added that the chapter was now over and a replacement era was beginning.

Taliban Election
Photo: AFP Sohail Shaheen, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha.

Sohail Shaheen said: “We need a fresh start . Now it’s up to the us to work with us or not. whether or not they are doing or not, and if they have to require an edge here, we’d welcome them. a devotee are often expected to undertake to to so.

Pakistan’s concerns over Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan

Regarding Pakistan’s concerns over the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), VOA asked him how he would address the problem thanks to his ideological affiliation with the group. He reiterated his position that he wouldn’t allow any group to carry out terrorist attacks on Afghan soil.
Taliban turn international community to continue aid to Afghanistan
ISIS has the power to beat

In response to a problem about ISIL’s presence within the region, he said that they have the power to manage ISIL.

“When our country was occupied, ISIS was present within the northern provinces of Kunar and Nangarhar. The us didn’t achieve eliminating them despite bombing or drone strikes. But when ISIS started fighting, we The result was that we wiped them out of Nangarhar, Kunar and thus the refore the northern provinces and therefore the former administration took them to Kabul.

Government representative of all ethnic groups

In response to the US objection to the cabinet that it doesn’t represent all the people, Shaheen said that this government was formed with the support of all ethnic groups. Regarding the election, he said that it’d be seen while working on the draft constitution.

Sohail Shaheen said, “You can see a force of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan. As far as elections are concerned, whether there are elections or not, we’ll got to wait and see. There are plans to work on the constitution within the longer term .” so as that they’re often considered when drafting the constitution, not yet.

Women’s rights

Regarding women’s rights, education and participation in government, she said that girls would tend all rights in accordance with Shariah, but as far as women holding high government positions were concerned, after consultation with religious scholars. are getting to be considered.

The reaction of analysts and activists

Ahmed Rashid could also be a number one analyst and has written several books on the US war in Afghanistan, the Taliban, and thus things in Central Asia. Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen analyzed this in an interview with VOA in Lahore.

Ahmed Rashid says that if any new constitution is drafted in Afghanistan without the participation of other parties, it’ll be rejected. On the Taliban’s statement that this cabinet could also be a provisional one, Ahmed Rashid said how can the Taliban be expected to vary this cabinet once they’re defending hardline elements and thus the Haqqani network.

Analyst and author Ahmed Rashid also has doubts that the Taliban will take action against ISIS. Rather, they believe that the Taliban can enter alliance with the Islamic State.

Afghan women’s rights activists say their concerns remain. because of these concerns, many girls from sports and much of other fields have left the country.

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