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“There is a government in Afghanistan, whether the international community talks to it or leaves it alone.”

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the us Asad Majeed Khan has said that the visit of CIA Director William Burns to Islamabad and meeting with the military leadership within the changing situation in Afghanistan is a component of high level contacts between the 2 countries. ۔ And it reflects the international community’s concern and interest in Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with VOA’s Saqibul Islam in Washington DC, Ambassador Asad Amjad Khan said that the changing situation in Afghanistan has clearly averted war and violence. there’s a government in Afghanistan and now the international community wants to barter with Afghanistan or leave Afghanistan alone, but the results are going to be different.

The concern of the us and therefore the international community over whether terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS could use Afghan territory for his or her activities. Asad Majeed said it might be premature to speak about it at the instant . consistent with him, things in Afghanistan is changing from moment to moment. But Pakistan has made its expectations clear that we would like to ascertain stability in Afghanistan.

Pakistan understands that there’s a government in Afghanistan and therefore the international community has got to work with it,” he said. additionally , it’s important to make sure that Afghan territory isn’t used against any neighboring country, or the other country within the world.

The Pakistani ambassador said that the Taliban leadership had made promises to not use Afghan territory against any country, which that they had reiterated repeatedly . He said the Taliban would definitely respect those assurances and promises.

Asad Majeed Khan called the Taliban’s decision to permit a flight of passengers evacuated from Kabul airport for the primary time 10 days after the top of the operation in Afghanistan a prudent decision. “This may be a reflection of the very fact that dialogue is fruitful and helps to deal with the challenges we face,” he said.

He said that Pakistan has been providing assistance and facilitation within the evacuation process. Islamabad is committed to facilitating all those that want to urge out of Afghanistan.

However, now who can begin of Afghanistan and who can’t? this is often the choice of the Afghan authorities.

“Pakistan has helped quite 13,000 people that wished to go away Afghanistan, and Pakistan wants to assist all people, including fully-documented Afghan citizens, with air and ground evacuations,” he said.

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