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Turkey wants to buy 40 F-16 jets from the US for $6 Billion

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Turkey has made a request to the US to buy 40 Lockheed Martin- made F-16 fighter spurts and nearly 80 modernization accoutrements for its being warplanes, as the NATO supporter looks to contemporize its Air Force after the purchase of F-35 spurts fell through. 

US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said, “We condemn the cross-border attacks on our NATO ally Turkey. We express our condolences to the families of the two Turkish policemen killed in Syria.” said.

The deal, worth billions, is still working its way through the Foreign Military Deals process which is subject to blessing by the US State Department as well as the US Congress which can block deals. Turkey had ordered further than 100 F-35 spurts, made by Lockheed Martin Corporation, but was removed from the program in 2019 .after it acquired Russian S-400 bullet defense systems.

The decades-old cooperation between the NATO abettors has gone through unknown tumult in the once five times over dissensions on Syria policy, . Ankara’s closer ties with Moscow, its . nonmilitary intentions in the eastern Mediterranean, .

U.S. charges against a state- possessed Turkish bank, . and corrosion of rights and freedoms in Turkey. The request for the spurts will probably have a delicate time getting blessing from theU.S. Congress, where sentiment towards .Turkey has estranged deeply over recent times, . primarily due to Ankara’s purchase of the S-400s and its problematic mortal rights track record.

In December 2020, Washington blacklisted . Turkey’s Defense Industry Directorate, .its chief, and three other workers. Since also theU.S. has constantly advised Turkey against buying farther Russian artillery. But Turkish President Erdogan indicated Ankara still intended to buy a alternate batch of S-400s from Russia, a move that could consolidate a rift with Washington. There’s bipartisan support in U.S. Congress to push the Biden administration to put farther pressure on Ankara, primarily over its purchase of Russian munitions.

“I hope they get back from this mistake as soon as possible, but if they don’t, we have a paid budget of $1.4 billion for that project. This is our money, what are the alternatives to use it properly?

If the F-35 issue is not going to be resolved in the near term, then it is only natural for us to look at alternatives. Turkey is not without alternatives in the field of the defense industry,” he said.

Ankara has said it hopes for better ties underU.S. President Joe Biden. Also, the Biden administration has promised to add further penalties if Ankara purchases fresh major Russian tackle. During the UN General Assembly peak, the Turkish . Chairman failed to achieve a asked meeting with President Joe Biden, but the two are anticipated to speak face to face at the end of October at the G-20 peak in Rome.

In addition to the S-400 problem, US support for Kurdish- led . regulars in Syria amid the transnational war against ISIS only worsened matters with Ankara, . which considers the fighters to be terrorists and fears lesser Kurdish autonomy. The rearmostmulti-billion-dollar arms request would probably do easily under normal circumstances, but Erdogan’s programs, including on domestic mortal rights, have aroused unknown opposition in Congress. Lawgivers from both parties have encouraged the Biden administration to take a tougher station towards Ankara, pushing it into a delicate . balancing act with its NATO supporter on the Bosphorus.

Hurriyet Daily News wrote that the formal appeal was made on September 30, . the same reports informed, showing the move came . following Erdogan’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi and weeks before his scheduled – although not yet verified by the White House- talk with United States President Joe Biden in Rome on the sidelines of the G20 Summit. 

Then, some report is demanded On . September 23, in an interview with Turkish . intelligencers in New York during the U.N. General Assembly, President Erdogan explosively blamed . theU.S. for both supporting the Kurds in northern Syria and sanctioning Turkey over its procurement of S-400 air defense systems from Russia. TheU.S. should either deliver 5 F-35 fifth– generation fighters to Turkey or repay the$1.4 billion

Turkey has formerly paid, . he said, inferring that Turkey can seek other . suppliers if its requests aren’t met by the U.S pertaining to the purchase of S-400s from Russia after theU.S. didn’t authorize to vend Loyalists. He echoed this view in an interview and answered affirmatively to a question on whether Turkey will buy the alternate batch of the Russian air systems despite Washington’s pitfalls.

Numerous argued that Erdogan, who has been intimately . repeating that he couldn’t establish a good dialogue with Biden, chose to follow a harsher  line due to the fact that his request to meet in person in New York wasn’t met. Erdogan met Putin on September 29 and just a day after this hassle, Turkey has made the sanctioned . request for the F-16s. The Turkish President, in his return from Sochi, told the intelligencers  that Turkey and Russia agreed “ to advance their cooperation in the defense assiduity areas similar as aeroplane machines, fighter spurts, and submarines.” This request will sure be on the docket if Erdogan and Biden meet in Rome in late October.

Erdogan had said that he explained why Turkey had to buy Russian air defense systems in their in-person meeting inmid-June in Brussels. Therefore,  this request will allow Erdogan to ask Biden whether Washington will authorize the trade of the F-16s or Turkey should seek other suppliers. Still, it’s intriguing for the government . to make such a request to the U.S. although the ultimate has denied delivering the five F-35s Turkey has formerly paid for and has not taken any step to resolve the matter.

He did not answer the question about Turkey’s F-16 request.

 Image: Dekhnews

US Spokesperson Price, on a question about the F-16s that Turkey is requesting to purchase from the US, said that they would not make any comments until Congress is notified about the sales in the defense field.

this request comes as NATO member Turkey and Russia are talking about how to advance their cooperation in the field of the defense assiduity. This situation is puzzling enough and needs to be explained. It isn’t sitting well in Washington that one of the countries it considers a friend and supporter has been forging near ties with Moscow for so long. Also, in the environment of NATO’s weakness, ties with Turkey, while still important, .are not seen as a dire necessity.

The US reiterates that “any reality that does significant business with the Russian service or intelligence sectors”will be sanctioned. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby has indicted Turkey of not seeking help from other NATO countries, . preferring rather to negotiate with Putin for the purchase of S-400 systems. Also, Erdogan not only pretends to ignore US  warnings but is being blunt in his statements when asked about the purchase of Russian systems” We are the only bones to make similar opinions. In the future, no bone will be suitable to intrude in . terms of what kind of defense systems we buy, . from which country and at what position”.

These words have not gone down well with the US Congress,  which is calling on Biden to ply further pressure on Ankara in the face of Erdogan’s rearmost moves. Experts say that, after slipping out of the . F-35 deal, Turkey will turn to buy the rearmost . interpretation of the F-16V and factors to upgrade the being F-16s, hoping to take advantage of . entered the$1.4 billion they had deposited for the F-35. F-16 Block70/72, also known as F-16V Serpent. This is the most important interpretation moment of the American family of light fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon. 

Presently, the F-16 . is the most successful US fighter spurt line with about aircraft with variants . being produced and present in 24 countries. Presently, the US is continuing to produce . this aircraft to vend to its abettors.

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