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July 23, 2021


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United States recognizes Pakistan’s progress on the FATF Action Plan

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The us has said it perceives and upholds Pakistan’s proceeded with endeavors to fulfill the needs of the June 2018 concurrence with the Financial Action Task Force.

State Department representative Ned Prince offered the comments in light of an issue during a press preparation on Monday.

He was requested that Pakistan’s secretary from state Shah Mehmood Qureshi had blamed India for wading into controversy to remain Pakistan on the FATF’s extra watch list.

Cost said that your inquiry is about the needs of the Financial Action Task Force for Pakistan. We perceive and support Pakistan’s proceeded with endeavors to fulfill these prerequisites.

He said that Pakistan has gained critical headway on 26 of the 27 drives started inside the primary FATF Action Plan.

He added that the us would urge Pakistan to suits the excess arrangements, which incorporate financing related with illegal intimidation, examinations against UN-assigned pioneers and authorities and dealing with them.

The FATF and consequently the worldwide local area are cooperating to carry this to fulfillment.

“We would urge Pakistan to expedite the implementation of the second new action plan,” the State Department spokesman said.

The statement came each day after a report in India’s Hindustan Times quoted Indian secretary of state SJ Shankar as saying that the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party government had made sure. That Pakistan remains on the FATF gray list.

According to Hindustan Times, J. Shankar said during a virtual program of BJP leaders that Pakistan is under FATF surveillance due to us and it’s on the grey list.

He further said that we’ve been ready to put pressure on Pakistan and therefore the fact is that Pakistan’s attitude is changing thanks to the pressure of varied measures taken by India.

In response, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said during a statement on Monday that the Indian foreign minister’s remarks supported Pakistan’s long-term position on India’s negative role within the International fund .

The FATF announced on June 25 that Pakistan would remain on the extra watch list until it complied with the remaining last clause of the terms agreed in June 2018.

(Some information for this report is taken from Daily Dawn)

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