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US and UK advise their citizens not to visit hotels in Kabul

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The United States and Britain on Monday cautioned their citizens to refrain from staying in hostelries in Afghanistan. Dozens of people were killed in an attack on a abbey a multiplex days anteriorly, for which ISIS Khorasan has claimed responsibility. The group, which calls itself Islamic State, is presently active in Afghanistan.

The Taliban, which seized power in August and declared the Islamic Emirate, is seeking recognition and aid from the multinational community to help a charitable catastrophe and lucrative crunch in Afghanistan.
Notwithstanding, as this Islamist radical group seeks to seize power, it also seeks to address the menaces posed by the ISIS party in Afghanistan.

Citing” security establishments”in the area, the State Department said Americans who are in or around the Serena Hotel should leave incontinently.
Meanwhile, the UK’s Office for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development has said that”in view of the growing interests, it’s tactical to avoid staying in lodges, especially lodges like Serena”.

A loser blast during Friday prayers at a mission in Kunduz killed and injured dozens. October 8

Multiplex outsiders have fled Afghanistan since the Taliban took power, but some newspeople and aid workers are still in the capital.

The renowned Serena Hotel, a popular name among business sightseers and foreign guests, has been attacked twice by the Taliban.
In the weeks leading up to the 2014 presidential election, four unready youths with fireballs hidden in their socks stormed a security cordon and killed nine people after entering the tavern. An AFP reporter and his family were involved.

In 2008, a self-slaughter bomber killed six people.

In August, as the evacuation of foreign subjects and ventured Afghans continued, NATO countries issued several security warnings, telling people to stay out from Kabul field.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowded field gate, killing other than 100 civilians and 13U.S. troops workforce.
ISIL Khorasan claimed responsibility for the attack. The terrorist group has also claimed responsibility for targeting Taliban guards and carrying out a cataclysmal disaster attack in Kunduz cosmopolis on Friday, targeting Friday prayers. It was the deadliest attack in the country since the pullout of US colors in August.

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