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US President contacts Chinese counterpart, discusses important issues for 90 minutes

US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone along side his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for 90 minutes. this is often often the first contact between the two heads of state in seven months.

According to a handout issued by the White House, the two leaders agreed during the talks that they could be in direct contact on various issues.

According to the White House, President Joe Biden made it clear that the aim of the talks was a neighborhood of the us ‘ efforts to responsibly advance the continued competitive process between China and thus the us .

President Biden also spoke of the United States’ efforts to bring lasting peace, stability, and prosperity to the region and thus the planet.

According to the White House, the 2 presidents also discussed the responsibility of not turning the rivalry between the us and China into a conflict.

According to a handout issued by the Chinese State Information Council, US President Joe Biden received a call from Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday morning.

According to the statement, the 2 presidents discussed intimately various issues, including Sino-US relations. President Xi, meanwhile, said that the earlier the us and China resume their relations, the more they are going to profit not only the nations of the 2 countries but also the world .

According to the statement, the Chinese President said that mutual concerns and differences got to be properly addressed on the thought of mutual respect, that the relevant institutions of the 2 countries should continue contacts and negotiations.

President Xi stressed the necessity for co-operation and co-ordination on other global issues, including tackling the Corona epidemic, the results of worldwide global global climate change and combating the worldwide recession.

It may be recalled that the 2 heads of state had earlier held talks in February this year.

Speaking to Xi Jinping, President Joe Biden expressed concern over China’s unfair trade dealings, crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong , treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority and human rights abuses.

At the time, Xi Jinping acknowledged that there are differences between the 2 countries that needed to be resolved. The Chinese president involved continued cooperation as an entire .

Relations between Washington and Beijing are strained under former US President Donald Trump, with both countries imposing heavy taxes on each other’s products.

The contact between the presidents of the us and China comes at a time when the us has completed the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan last month.

Kabul was captured by the Taliban during the US withdrawal and last week announced its interim government.

With the withdrawal of the us , China has rapidly established relations with the Taliban.

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