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US report exposes another lie of Modi government

The Modi government’s constant misleading lies, be it Pulwama or Raphael, minorities or nefarious spying operations in neighboring countries, Modi has always misled his people.

According to the small print , a recent report of the US Center for Global Studies has exposed another lie of the Modi government.

The report proves that the Modi government was within the forefront in releasing misleading statistics of Corona.

A report by the US Center for Global Studies has revealed that the Indian government’s figures of 415,000 deaths thanks to Corona are inaccurate and misleading.

According to the US agency, the price in India thanks to Corona ranged from 3.4 million to 4.7 million, which is ten times the official price .

According to the report, these deaths are being termed because the biggest human tragedy within the history of India. This report was prepared to stay in sight the info from the start of the disease till June this year.

Arvind Subramaniam, an Indian, prepared this report by getting the particular data of various states. Even before this, various international organizations have exposed the Modi government for giving wrong data.

The performance of the Modi government supported lies has become an issue mark for the Indian people.

Forbidden Stories’ Pegasus Project yesterday published the results of a long-running, collaborative investigation of NSO Group. From a leaked list of over fifty-thousand phone numbers “NSO clients selected for surveillance,” investigators determined that one-hundred-eighty journalists in at least five countries were targeted.

NSO’s government clients involved in the surveillance include Bahrain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Togo, and Rwanda. NSO disputes allegations of involvement, but will investigate the “disturbing” possibility of abuse, the Washington Post says.

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