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US to Pakistan: Do not give legitimacy to Taliban if they do not accept international demands

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken has called on Pakistan to not give the Taliban legitimacy if they are doing not suits international demands.

In the first public hearing in Congress about Afghanistan since last month’s fall of Kabul, Blinken told the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee that Pakistan has a “multiplicity of interests some that are in conflict with ours.”

Mr Blankenship, who answered questions from members of Congress about the Taliban’s success in Afghanistan, acknowledged concerns that Pakistan was cooperating with militants in Afghanistan.

Members of Congress also involved a tougher stance with Pakistan, which has been a “troubling” ally of the us within the 20-year war.

“What we would like is for countries, including Pakistan, to insist that if the Taliban-led government wants any legitimacy or support, the international community must support it,” he told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Community expectations should be met without the Taliban. “

Pakistan has had deep ties with the Taliban and has been accused of supporting the group as it battled the U.S.-backed government in Kabul for 20 years – charges denied by Islamabad.

Mr Blanken said the priority was to permit the Taliban to go away Afghanistan, to respect the rights of girls , girls and minorities, and to measure up to the promise that the country wouldn’t once more be a secure haven for “terrorism”. Foreign countries should attack. “

Anthony Blanken said Pakistan must align itself with the bulk of the international community in meeting the expectations.
“Pakistan’s policies are detrimental to us in many cases and to our benefit and support in some cases,” he said.

Anthony Blanken said Pakistan harbored members of the Taliban, including the Haqqani network.
Democrat Joaquin Castro, a member of the House of Representatives who, like other members, has been critical of Pakistan, has called on the us to get rid of Pakistan as a serious ally outside the NATO bloc. This status gives Pakistan access to US weapons.

“Even the most pessimistic assessments did not predict that government forces in Kabul would collapse while US forces remained,” Blinken said.

“The evacuation itself was an extraordinary effort — under the most difficult conditions imaginable — by our diplomats, by our military, by our intelligence professionals.”

Pakistan’s intelligence has maintained close ties with the Taliban for quite 20 years , and by the time the Taliban ruled Afghanistan for 6 or seven years, it had been the third country within the world, after Saudi Arabia and therefore the United Arab Emirates, to acknowledge the Taliban government. Was recognized.
But five years after the us overthrew the Taliban regime, Pakistan soon began cooperating within the war on terror.

During a congressional hearing on Monday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken strongly defended last month’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the move to finish the longest war in US history in 20 years . Brought

In a statement issued during the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, Blinken said that if President Joe Biden had decided to deploy the soldiers in Afghanistan, “a significant number folks troops would need to be deployed in Afghanistan, in order that their own Defending should be done to prevent the Taliban invasion, which might mean more lives, then we might be involved within the war in Afghanistan indefinitely to interrupt the deadlock. ”

“There is not any evidence that a extended stay in Afghanistan would have strengthened the Afghan security forces or the Afghan government or enabled it to defend itself,” he said.

According to him, “If in 20 years, which involved funding, armaments and training, which cost billions of dollars, if all this wasn’t enough; What difference does it make to measure another year, five or 10 years? ”

Taliban insurgents seized the country in mid-August, when President Ashraf Ghani fled to the United Arab Emirates for political asylum. The us completed the evacuation of 124,000 people from Kabul Airport by the top of August, most of them Afghans, including about 5,500 Americans, leaving about 100 Americans behind.

Since then, some Americans are brought out of the country by land or a couple of flights, with the Taliban agreeing.

Blinken said US officials didn’t realize in time that the Afghan government could collapse so quickly because the Taliban advanced into the country.

According to him, even with cautious estimates, it had been impossible to predict that government forces in Kabul would be defeated when US forces were present within the country.

The top US diplomat said that while the particular evacuation had been completed, “the repatriation of the remaining US citizens, Afghans and citizens of allied countries and partner countries remains ongoing.” For those that want to urge out of the country. ”

Opposition Republican lawmakers and a few allies of President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party have criticized the administration’s move to evacuate americans and thousands of Afghans. These Afghans worked with US forces during the war as translators and advisers.

Criticism was heightened, especially within the last days of the evacuation, when a terrorist struck near Kabul airport, killing 13 American soldiers. ISIL Khurasan, a gaggle within the Middle East involved in terrorism, claimed responsibility for the suicide attack.

Blanken made the remarks before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday, when he will appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.

A national poll of yank voters shows that a majority of individuals support Biden’s decision to finish Afghanistan’s self-proclaimed “perpetual war,” but the way the evacuation ended don’t agree

Lawmakers have also criticized the work folks intelligence for failing to supply timely advance notice of the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan and therefore the failure of the Afghan government, when President Ashraf Ghani suddenly fled the country and joined the us . He sought political asylum within the United Arab Emirates.

US expresses concern over Taliban interim cabinet, China vows to figure with Afghan government
Republicans say they need to question the Biden administration’s performance during the last weeks and days of the war. Democrats need a review folks war performance during the administration of 4 US presidents. Two of them are Republican Presidents George W. Bush and Trump. the 2 Democrats are President Barack Obama and Biden.

After the 9/11 , 2001, attacks on the us , President Bush declared war on Afghanistan in late 2001 to focus on al Qaeda terrorist training camps. Nearly 3,000 people were killed within the 9/11 attacks, when terrorists hijacked American passenger planes and used them to attack the us . The 20th anniversary of the attacks was marked on Saturday.

Biden called the withdrawal an “extraordinary achievement” and defended the US decision to finish the war in Afghanistan, saying he didn’t want the choice to expand military operations in Afghanistan to be the fifth. Leave it to the US President.

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