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US: Why are female athletes criticizing the FBI?

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The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday heard allegations that a team of female athletes sexually abused a doctor which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had did not investigate him.

At a Senate committee hearing, Olympic gymnast McCella Maroni told lawmakers that she felt FBI agents didn’t seriously investigate allegations that she was sexually abused by former gymnast Dr. Larry Nasr.۔

McKelly Maroni is one among four athletes who made a press release to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Other players on the committee’s list included Simon Byles, Eli Rezman and Maggie Nichols.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing allegations of negligence within the FBI’s investigation into allegations that Dr. Larry Nasr sexually harassed and abused underage girls within the us .

Hundreds of underage female athletes were sexually harassed and sexually harassed by Dr. Larry Nasr of the US Gymnastics Team in 2017.

In a statement to the Senate committee, US gold medalist gymnast Simon Byles said the FBI had turned a blind eye to athletes’ complaints against US gymnast Dr. Larry Nasr.

Simon Byles has won four Olympic gold medals and should be a five-time world champion. he’s considered a world-class gymnast.

Simon Byles also represented the us at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. But because of mental state issues, she withdrew from the Olympics.

“The system is responsible, not the individual.”
According to the Associated Press, Simon Byles said that he didn’t blame Larry Nasr alone, but that the whole system was responsible for what enabled Larry Nasr to continue this exploitation.

Simon Byles said that additionally to the FBI’s failure, the USA Gymnastics, us Olympic and Paralympic Committees were aware of these events.

Emotional scenes were witnessed when Simon Byles and other players recorded statements within the Senate, and on several occasions the players who recorded statements expressed outrage.

Why did the Senate committee raise this issue?
U.S. Department of Justice military officer Michael Horowitz released a report in July this year. The report states that the FBI was reluctant to research the notorious USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nasr. additionally , the agency’s officers made variety of fundamental errors within the investigation.

According to Reuters, the 119-page Department of Justice report also states that the FBI’s field office in Indiana Police did not take the complaints against Larry Nasr seriously and take immediate action. Free

As soon because the report was released, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced a hearing on the FBI’s poor performance and negligence within the case.

Who is Larry Nasr?

Larry Nasr was a doctor with the USA Gymnastics Association, a sports watchdog. The organization trains athletes for the Olympic Games within the us . In 2015, the FBI began receiving complaints of harassment and harassment against Larry Nasr.

Later in 2017, he was sentenced to 60 years in prison for child sexual assault , while the subsequent year, a Michigan court sentenced Larry Nasr to 175 years in prison on various charges of sexual assault and harassment.

During the trial, many of the ladies who were assaulted by Larry Nasr testified directly that Larry was reception , in his own office at Michigan State University, and from the USA Gymnastics administration . They were sexually assaulted while attached.

Prosecutor Angela Powellits said within the case that the competitive atmosphere in gymnastics provided an excellent opportunity for Larry to commit this heinous crime because athletes considered Larry so important to advance in gymnastics.

According to the prosecution, Larry had abused and harassed many female athletes.

Errors in investigation

The FBI launched an investigation into Larry Nasr in 2015 following a complaint from Stephen Penny, president and CEO of USA Gymnastics.

Stephen Penny also provided Indiana Police field office agents with the names of three affected players who were willing to be interviewed to research the matter.

According to a Department of Justice report, WJ Abbott, the FBI’s agent responsible , didn’t begin a proper investigation into the allegations against Nasr. One month after receiving the complaint, the FBI interviewed just one witness.

According to official documents, the interview was conducted in September 2015 but wasn’t documented until February 2017. Earlier in December 2016, the FBI arrested Larry Nasr on charges of possessing kiddie porn .

According to a Department of Justice report, the interview recorded against Larry Nasr was finally documented in 2017 by an unknown surveillance agent, including misinformation and deleted tons of data .

The FBI’s field office didn’t notify state or local enforcement of the allegations against Nasr.

The Department of Justice report further states that Agent Abbott, in violation of conflict of interest rules, negotiated his employment with the US Olympic Committee while investigating Larry Nasr. Abbott retired from the FBI in 2018.

According to the report, no action was taken against Agent Abbott and therefore the unidentified caretaker agent .

The role of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) within the case was also discussed after the convictions within the cases against Larry Nasr. Following a Department of Justice report this year on the role of the FBI, the United States Senate Judiciary Committee involved a hearing.

The article also includes information from news agencies Reuters and therefore the Associated Press.

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