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US withdraws defence systems from Riyadh

The US has removed its state-of-the-art missile defence system and Patriot batteries installed in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks.

The Associated Press reports that the system was removed at a time when Saudi Arabia remains facing airstrikes from Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

The defence system was faraway from Prince Sultan air station near the Saudi capital Riyadh at a time when US Arab allies were during a dilemma over the withdrawal folks troops from Afghanistan and therefore the timely evacuation of individuals from Kabul airport. ۔

Although thousands folks troops are still stationed within the Arabian Peninsula to affect the Iranian threat, experts say some Arab countries are during a precarious position on US future plans within the region.

At a time when talks on resuming a worldwide nuclear affect Iran are stalled, things within the region remains tense, increasing the danger of future confrontation.

Commenting on things , Christine Allianz, a researcher at Rice University within the us , told the Associated Press that decision-makers within the Gulf now understand that the us isn’t as committed to regional issues because it wont to be. ۔

According to him, from the Saudi point of view, the three US presidents, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and now Joe Biden, have taken steps that suggest that the us is moving faraway from the region.

An Iranian naval warship is conducting missile and drone exercises within the Gulf of Oman. Saudi Arabia says Iran is attacking it through Houthis. January 12, 2021

The us is considering fixing new military bases in Saudi Arabia for peace within the region
But Washington says the us is committed to maintaining broad and deep ties with its Middle Eastern allies.

In response to an issue from the Associated Press, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that defense installations in Saudi Arabia had been modified.

Thousands folks troops are still stationed within the Middle East , while the us maintains its air and navy to guard US interests and cooperate with regional partners,” Kirby said.

On the opposite hand, the Saudi Ministry of Defense during a statement sent to the Associated Press described the country’s relations with the us as strong, long-standing and historic. The Saudi Defense Ministry has also confirmed the removal of the US missile defence system .

The Saudi military is capable of defending its land, sea and air space and protecting its people,” the statement said.

According to the statement, the deployment of some defense capabilities by the friendly country of the us is formed on the idea of mutual affection and defense strategy and is said to operational matters.

The information during this news is taken from the press agency ‘Associated Press’

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, on a tour of the Mideast in recent days, had been slated to travel to Saudi Arabia but the trip was canceled thanks to what American officials mentioned as “scheduling issues”. Saudi Arabia declined to debate why Austin’s trip didn’t happen after the withdrawal of the missile defences.

Saudi Arabia maintains its own Patriot missile batteries and typically fires two missiles at an incoming target. That’s become an upscale proposition amid the Houthi campaign, as each Patriot missile costs quite $3 million.

While Greece agreed in April to lend a Patriot missile battery to Saudi Arabia , the timing of the US withdrawals comes amid wider uncertainty over the American posture within the region. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab countries have renewed diplomacy with Iran as a hedge.

“I think we saw in Biden’s statements on Afghanistan, the way he said things that he’s clearly getting to put US interests first and clearly that came as quite disappointment to partners and allies round the world who maybe hoped for something different after Trump,” said Ulrichsen, the research fellow. “He sounds quite almost like an ‘America First’ approach, just kind of a special tone.”

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