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What Are the Effects of Social Media on Youth?

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There is a component of excellent and evil hidden in everything within the world. Now it depends on our ability which aspect we take. If something is employed for the proper and bonafide purposes that benefit the planet of humanity,

Then obviously its bounties and fruits are going to be very beneficial. an equivalent is true of the utilization of social media. Although I’ve written tons on social media before. Social media is an invention that has both advantages and drawbacks , it’s a double-edged sword. In fact, its disadvantages outweigh its benefits, be it religious, physical, or social.

Now it’s up to the users how they enjoy it. However, circumstances and events show that even those that use social media legally cannot protect themselves from illegal things. Women are more sensitive than men and are more naive, emotional, quick-witted than men, and are said to be less intelligent and fewer intelligent, in order that they are more likely to be affected. And as a result, they’re quietly exploited.

Independent platforms like modern network technology and social media are readily available. Nowadays, social media has become an addiction, during which everyone from children to the elderly and ladies are caught.

Consistent with experts, the definition of addiction is any action that features a negative effect on your life and you’re unable to offer up the habit despite knowing it.

Addiction is that the constant communication of online access through social networking pages and screen time of recent devices and not having the ability to measure without of these means. Research has shown that the utilization of all social media has become an addiction for an outsized number of individuals , whether male or female.

A fatwa was issued stating that “online chatting between non-mahram men and ladies is against Islam.” Online chat rooms are a source of evil and open the door to the devil, cause misguidance and sedition and pave the way for immoral behavior. ”

However, the fatwa clarifies that consistent with some scholars and students of the ummah, the utilization of social media is permitted in itself, as long as one engages in it and commits an obligatory or haraam act.

Not necessary However, using it for wrong and unlawful deeds is unlawful and sinful. Also, since it’s dominated by illicit affairs, it’s better to avoid its use unnecessarily and for ladies to use social media within limits. Because women are mostly simple-minded and quick to seduce people, women shouldn’t use social media unnecessarily only for fun and entertainment.

However, they will be used for educational purposes or to contact relatives when needed. But it’s important to avoid illegal and obscene acts. While social media is beneficial in itself, it’s also extremely dangerous and dangerous.

Doing things outside of social media that are haraam and unlawful for men and ladies in life also are haraam and unlawful to try to to on social media and things that are permissible. It also becomes legitimate on social media.

Because it’s very difficult to avoid this wave of social media nowadays. So protect yourself from this temptation in such situations and if necessary, attempt to avoid the negative use of social media, guide it to its positive use and use it to hold out corrective actions. Because there’s an excellent need for reform efforts within the present era.

Forming a gaggle of some kind for ladies are often a prelude to several evils, so it should be avoided. While social media has made men hooked in to it, women also are taking full advantage of it. There was a time when only men wont to use the web more, but today things is that ladies also are within the race. are added.

within the present era, it’s also seen that ladies are spending 68% of their time on social media. In men, the proportion is 32%. the aim of social media is to spread the epidemic of the whole antichrist system and during this day and age most are falling prey thereto .

they need created distances between the wives and thanks to which the families of the family are being destroyed and therefore the family system is being badly affected. , Hijab, obscenity, obscenity and nudity are coming into existence and therefore the funeral of honor and shame is beginning . Muslim girls show their beauty and love by falling crazy with non-Muslim boys through social media.

Doing so, fleeing with them and ruining your life and falling prey to sedition and apostasy, the tool behind of these seditions is additionally social media. A recent study has revealed shocking accounts of the growing online violence against girls and ladies in additional than 20 countries round the world, including explicit reporting, pornography, cyber harassment and other sorts of Internet misuse. ۔

Women often face gossip, vulgar words and trolling on social media from time to time. The victim remains and this loneliness is felt more intensely by women than by men. Surveys show that the proportion of friendships and sexual violence through Facebook is 39% worldwide, Instagram 23%, WhatsApp 14%, other tools became unusual things for human communication, use them for positive purposes. are often done But at an equivalent time they’re the important source of great dangers that later cause other dangerous diseases. consistent with a survey, 34% of girls are being harassed by men online. consistent with a report by Women’s Web Studies, out of a complete of 150 million users of social media through the web , 60 million are women. When a woman posts her thoughts, thoughts or pictures on Facebook, Instagram or social media, her thoughts are criticized such a lot that she suffers from depression and sometimes commits an unforgivable sin like suicide. ۔

Therefore, it’s the responsibility of oldsters to offer their children enough time in order that they are doing not waste their precious lives within the name of social media.

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